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Jagowale Dhadi Jatha

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sorry if this is a noob question, but one of my buddies told me that the jagowale jatha in the uk right now is not the orignal jatha that used to be back in the day. the old school jatha got shaheedi from police for singhing pro khalistani vaar's and now this is a new jagowale jatha. is this true? becasue i always thought these guys in the uk were the real deal jagowale. i guess not......????

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Not all of them i dont think...

Heres some posts from other threads on the forum :

the original jagowala jatha was Bhai jagir singh mast and with him was shaheed bhai nirmal singh chola sahib and bhai jarnail singh.they have been to the UK i think they r still here smile.gif

bhai nirmail singh got shaheed after coming back from the shaheedi program in memory of Shaheed General Bhai Sahib Sukhwinder Singh Sangha of the Bhindranwala Tiger Force of Khalistan (BTFK), he had just sang the song in which the singhs took revenge for the Shaheedi of General Sukhwinder Singh Sangha by killing the police officer in charge of killing bhai sahib it was ssp operation harjit su, they put this dog too death in less than 24 days, thats what u call revenge massa rangar style


There was another Jagowale jatha who were in Punjab in late 70's and early 80's. i believe that the singhs became shaheed mid 80's. The original 'Jago aiyah' and 'motorcycle wale yodeh' is sang by the original jatha.

im not sure when the current jatha started i think it was after the 84 attack, not 100% sure but they have carried on the good work of the original singhs.

And it is definetly worth listening to the tapes of the original singhs, im afraid dont have much info on them, can try and dig something out, but their parchar is excellent!

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When people refer to "Jagowale" then its the UK jatha, who got their name after they re-sung the kavishri Jago Aiyah.

The original singers of Jago Aiyah were Nirmal Singh Chohla (Shaheed), Sulakhan Singh Kallah and & Jarnail Singh Gill,

Jagir Singh Mast was there ustaad and writer I believe, and may have sung together also.

If you listen to the Jago Aiyah kavishri by UK Jagowale, the original Singh's are mentioned in the line:

"Kehnda Mast Jagir, Sulakhana jago barri piyari, Nirmal dil Jarnaila de naal rakhdi full tyaari"

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The curretn Jagowale Jatha is two brothers (one who lives in willenhall and the other in southampton). They got together in 1985 I think and formed a Kavishri jatha. They took the name Jagowale because they were so inspired by the original Jagowale Dhadhi Jatha.

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