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The Path To Light Or Death! ( Story )

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fathe

I wrote this story a couple of days back, while i was in English class. I was so bored because it was like a day where one day was Dedicated to Year 11, so i sat in english class and i though, " Should i write a story ", so i did and this is it;

The Path to Light

The Beast had no mercy in destroying all and very thing in its destructive path. But fear must not over come the weak mind, but yet feed it with courage. As yet so I look around and see only darkness, the long path ahead seems to get longer. Must I carry on in search for the true Guru? Or should I turn back, to find my dead end! As I walk on toward the path.

I come across a pool, as I kneel to drink, my mind is over come with love for the true Guru, I have forgotten all doubts in my mind about the Journey, and instead I feel almost one with the Guru, I step into the pool of nectar. As I sit and meditate naam simran, a sudden rush of air climbs up my neck, as I turn, the one thing that had destroyed all that was held dear to me, was now heading towards me.

I must move fast as the beast approaches, the Nectar from the pool had given me strength I had never felt before. As I stop and focus my mind, I feel the monster get closer, as I open my eyes, I look to my side, I see a weapon as I look closer it seems to be a Kirpan, I walk over to it and hold it with both hands. As I firmly hold the handle with both hands, the breath of the demon gets heavier, I must time my strike accurately or else I may face death. A I take possibly my final breath, the demon is just inches away… I take my fist step toward the demon, time slows but my heart beats faster, all I am repeating is "Waheguru, Vaheguru, Waheguru, Vaheguru, Waheguru". I think of the demon as an obstacle, or a test. The beast is close enough I must time this right; I take a quick swipe at the demon. But it doesn't have any affect to it. The demon appears from behind me, the demon gives me a fatal swipe, as I fall I can almost see the abyss in the Monsters eyes. A fall down, as I look up the demon's claws come close to grab me, I repeat "Waheguru", the demon flinches, I take a deep breath and say it once more "Waheguru", a flicker of light come from within my chest, I look closer, and the light gets strong, the demons eyes become blind by the light, and as it uses it claws to shield its self from the light, its claws begin to set a light, the light is now stronger then before, I regain my strength and get to my feet, the demons begins to run, not towards me but away, away from the light with is too powerful for a dark monster to handle, as it runs, the monster turns to ashes. As I look around the bright light had restored all damage that came to the dark path. As is I Though to my self God is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer.

i Hope you enjoyed the story Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!! Waheguru Ji Ke Fathe!!

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