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I'm more worried by the increasing levels of islamaphobia being exhibited by many of my fellow British Sikhs here.

For generations, the police, courts and social services have allowed the orthodox jews of north London (Stamford Hill) to police themselves according to jewish law. There was even a case a decade ago of accusations of child abuse within that community but neither the police nor social services got involved, allowing instead the elders of the community to deal with it. All muslims in Britain today are doing and asking for is the same that is already in existence for the jews. Of course our own faith does not share remarkable similarities with orthodox judaism so we neither need or ask for those type of thngs, but consider this ;

When jews have something we don't bat an eyelid.

When muslims ask for the same thing, we are up in arms. This, my brothers and sisters, is islamaphobia.

Personally, I don't care what muslims do. They have their own faith...I have mine. I wouldn't be happy if they were criticising sikh issues when it is none of their business...and thats why I don't stick my nose into their own religious issues. Its none of my business. I'm too busy being a Sikh.

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There is a big difference between Jews and Muslims.

The problem is that the Muslims want to impose their way of life on everyone else and when it affects the wider society, we will get impacted too.

I would also prefer just to live a normal Sikh life, but eventually it will begin to impact us as well.

THe Sikhs in the USA were going about their business pre 911 too, but Islamic terrorism has impacted them too.

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Fordcapri, Ranjeet, lodi my dodi I completley agree with u guys.

Dont worry botu Singh n ting as because he doesnt experience any racism from muslims he thinks we should all be quiet!!

Ps Lodi said :

The point is that muslims are infringing on my personal freedoms and affecting my life simply by ambushing me at uni with their propaganda, or following Sikh girls around etc. This is them trying to take over and the sad thing is they may be successful.

Many people I know at uni are expereincing the same thing

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^ Bruvs, Its not about not wanting to criticise muslims or never facing any abuse by them...........Its about putting things in perspective and not getting carried away, thus avoiding getting a victim mentality. My gurus and forefathers prospered and got stronger when they were 4% and the muslims were the overwhelming majority. I fail to see why now that we live in a country where the muslims are a tiny 4% minority we need to fear them...because they're out to get us and destroy us.

Its purely islamaphobia and I want no part of it. I want us to be a strong, confident community............not one thats paranoid about a tiny 4% community.

I spend alot of time with family in Canada.....and from what I've observed the problem is far worse there than it is here in England. The only difference is that the problem in Canada is with christians.............and that the Canadian sikhs are more confident than us and so less likely to drift into paranoia.

Here in England a handfull of sikhs leave sikhi and convert to islam.......and we panic like its the end of the world. In Canada though, especially Vancouver, I saw so many christian churches for former sikhs. I saw churches with their signs and sermons in gurmukhi. I saw so many (sikh) christians.

Now obviously we're not gonna see that on a similar scale here in England because christianity is more or less dead among Europeans......but in north America it is very much a living religion that seeks converts and is as intolerant as islam......But you do not find sikhs from Canada or America getting paranoid about it.

I want all religious communities to respect sikhism. For this to happen we must learn to respect other religions. Who are we to lecture muslims on their own sharia law? It is part of their religion and I respect their right to fight for it. If a similar case of sikh rights came up I would hope and expect muslims to support us too.

Snap out of this victim mentality. Its not healthy.

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