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Dharamsaala: The New Generation.

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WaheGuruuJeeKaKhalsa WaheGuruuJeeKeeFateh

The New DharamSaalaas/GuruDwaaras. Some thoughts and opinions.

May the SatGuruu Glance His Grace on Me.

DharamSalaa (GuruDwaara) should be run with these minimum requirements met:


Stage 1

a) Parkaash of Lareevar Saroop of GuruGranth Sahib Jee.

b) Learning/Teaching Dasam Patshaahee Baani, Bhai Gurdaas Jee Baani, Bhai Nand Lal Singh Jee Baani, Bhai Gurdaas Singh Baani.

c) AmritDhaari GurSikh Sevaadaars.

d) Niraadath Raag with Taanti Saaz. Keertan Only in the Raag that the Guru has instructed in the Particular Shabad being sung. All attempts should be made to bring this to fruition.

e) SarbLoh Degh.

f) Niskhaam Granthis, Keertanies, Langar Sevaadaars and Paathees.

g) Only One GuruGranth Sahib Jee at Gurudwaara Sahib. If there is an Akhand Sahib Paath, then that is the only ‘Program’ for the time. If GuruGranth Sahib Jee is taken to bless someones' home, then all Sangat should be encouraged to and invited go, or feel the pain of separation for the time, which in itself is a blessing. Only ONE GuruGranth Sahib Jee at the DharamSaala.

h) Regular Amrit Sanchaars (Khande-Pahul by Panj Pyareh).

i) Anand Karaj between Singhs and Kaurs only. Only Amritdhaari Weddings.

j) Explanations of Shabad in language of the audience (sangat), (example: English, Spanish, Chinese, Punjaabi etc.), as well on projection screens for all Sangat to view, for each Shabad being Sung or Recited of GuruGranth Sahib Jee and/or supporting scriptures of Dasam Patshaahee Baani, Bhai Gurdaas Jee Baani, Bhai Nand Lal Singh Jee Baani, Bhai Gurdaas Singh Baani.. This way Veechar occurs while listening; Gurmat Parchaar in essence. Technology should be utilized to allow Sangat all over the world to have company of the Sangat through medians such as video recording viewable on the Internet etc..

k) Ideally, they should be no Golak. Only Daswandh should be encouraged to support the Gurus’ cause. All extra funds should be donated to the poor. There must be Full transparency. All extra funds should be donated to Human/Animal/Environmental etc. rights and causes all over the world, to uplift Earth and its Inhabitants.

l) The DharamSaala should have beautiful Floorings and Decorations, and the GuruGranth Sahib Jee should be decorated with beautiful Rumaals and Chandooah. There should be no Gurbaani written anywhere. The Sangat and Pangat that arrive should feel as if they have come to a Royal Court! Khalsa Colours with Gold, Silver embroidery etc. would look beautiful.

m) Langar prepared and available 24 hours/day daily at Gurudwaara not only for Pangat, but also have community partnerships with homeless shelters, etc., packaging and providing them with vegetarian/vegan meals daily. A system to allow for such Sevaa should be installed at Gurdwaaras, such as necessary equipment, logistic delivery structure etc.. They should further be encouraged to partake of Pangat at the DharamSaala as well. The Khalsa must feed the world and care for the sick. Khalsa Rehit to Bibek should be maintained. The food should be prepared with love.

n) The Pangat and Sangat at DharamSaala will be required to sit on the floor. Arrangements for authentic disabilities must be available in Sangat and Pangat. If the Guru and the Khalsa will not take care of the disabled, who will? All able bodies must sit on the floor in humility, and all disabled must feel extremely welcome with all necessary arrangements available. Wheelchairs are more than welcome. Sangat and Pangat 100% wheelchair accessible.

o) School within DharamSaala to provide lessons for learning GurMukhi, Raag Vidya, Shastar Vidya, GurBaani Veechar.

p) Products used for maintenance of DharamSaala/GuruDwaara must be Cruelty Free and Non-Harmful to the Environment. Vegan and Environmental friendly products such as dishwashing soaps, liquids, detergents etc. only to be used throughout.

q) Supporting Local Farmers, Organic Foods etc. should be emphasized.

r) Shelter in the DharamSalaas for travellling Gursikhs, People who need a place to stay, and the abused. Anyone seeking shelter.

s) The people who seek help, should be helped with professional couselling if needed, job employment help if needed, etc. SevaaDaars at their service. Giving people a new inspiration for life.


Stage 2

t) Worldly Education (School). An atmosphere for proper growth must be nurtured. An environment free from evils such as meat/eggs, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, etc. must be enforced. The atmosphere must nurture love and respect. A Khalsa Inspired virtuous lifestyle with emphasis on education while shunning vices through Gurmat and education. A Khalsa Jeevan must be emphasized.

u) World Class Education. World Class accredited curriculum for education. Top class teachers of any religious, ethnic background etc. Keeping Maryaada of Gurmat within the School. (Head covering for all, vegetarian/vegan meals, no smoking/drinking, perhaps separation of male and female students, etc.). The best teachers.

v) Preparing the New Generation of Leaders. Teach Politics. Encourage entering Politics with Khalsa Principles in Mind.


Stage 3

w) Hospitals. Counselling within DharamSaala to help addicts, abuse victims, etc. Accredited professionals of any religious, ethnic background etc. Maintaining the Maryaada of the DharamSaala as to head covering, vegetarian/vegan Langar etc.

x) Hospitals for Humans.

y) Clinics for Animals/Birds etc.

Everything in the DharamSaala should reflect the seed (Tat) Teachings of our Gurus’. Where corrupt committees have used the Gurus’ name for wrongdoings, we must rise and re-claim, and/or start our own DharamSaalaas/GuruDwaaras. Make our homes into DharamSaalaas? Start with resources available.

Propagate the message of Guru Gobind Singh Jee to the whole world. Guru Nanak went on His Missions to give the message of Gurmat to the Entire World. All our Gurus’ travelled spreading the message. Manjees were set up to spread the message. We must introduce the entire world to the Panj Pyareh and Khande-Pahul and the beauty that lies within the Lap of Guru Nanak in the Eternal Form of GuruGranth Sahib Jee.

We must take the initiative to share the Beauty of the Khalsa. We must use our minds to articulate and strategize, our words (verbal and written) to inspire, our wealth to bring to fruition Our Cause and our deeds to reflect the ways of the Khalsa.

GurSikhs, youth GurSikhs, all over the world should begin thinking of managing DharamSalaas. They should be educated, articulate and RehitVaan. They should be successful and content with their respective Kirt Kamaais', and give Daswandh without fail. I think it is time for the new generation of AmritDhaaris all over the world to take control of and become True Sevaadaars of Dharamsaalaas. Niskhaam Sevaadaars. GurSikhs should begin thinking of becoming Ambassadors of change throughout the world.

The new generation should be successful in their occupations, and willing to give at least their Daswandh to the Gurus’ cause. Like minded GurSikhs should begin pooling their resources, while maintaining magnifying caution to corrupt intrusions.

We must strategically resolve conflicts within our minds and our surroundings, while we lovingly and happily stride towards bringing back the Glory of which the Khalsa inherently radiates. We must go ahead with The Cause, while pushing to the side those whom attempt to cause confusions with their sharp tongues and dualities.

The Khalsa must also take an active role in Legislature.

An opinion I hope you take to heart.

Yours Truly,

Temporary Resident of The Planet Earth.

WaheGuruuJeeKaKhalsa WaheGuruuJeeKeeFateh

July 6, 2009

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Extremely elitist and non-visionary for sure,

not to mention exclusionistic and revisionistic.

any reason why non-amritdharis wouldn't be allowed to get married in

there own place of worship?

In the Ten Guru's time there was no such injunction

so why dream that there was now 300 years latter?

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    • Net pay after taxes. If you don't agree, think about this: If you were a trader and started off in China with silk that cost 100 rupees and came to India, and you had to pay total 800 rupees taxes at every small kingdom along the way, and then sold your goods for 1000 rupees, you'd have 100 rupees left, right? If your daswandh is on the gross, that's 100 rupees, meaning you have nothing left. Obviously, you owe only 10% of 100, not 10% of 1000. No, it's 10% before bills and other expenses. These expenses are not your expenses to earn money. They are consumption. If you are a business owner, you take out all expenses, including rent, shop electricity, cost of goods sold, advertising, and government taxes. Whatever is left is your profit and you owe 10% of that.  If you are an employee, you are also entitled to deduct the cost of earning money. That would be government taxes. Everything else is consumption.    
    • No, bro, it's simply not true that no one talks about Simran. Where did you hear that? Swingdon? The entire Sikh world talks about doing Simran, whether it's Maskeen ji, Giani Pinderpal Singh, Giani Kulwant Singh Jawaddi, or Sants. So what are you talking about? Agreed. Agreed. Well, if every bani were exactly the same, then why would Guru ji even write anything after writing Japji Sahib? We should all enjoy all the banis. No, Gurbani tells you to do Simran, but it's not just "the manual". Gurbani itself also has cleansing powers. I'm not saying not to do Simran. Do it. But Gurbani is not merely "the manual". Reading and singing Gurbani is spiritually helpful: ਪ੍ਰਭ ਬਾਣੀ ਸਬਦੁ ਸੁਭਾਖਿਆ ॥  ਗਾਵਹੁ ਸੁਣਹੁ ਪੜਹੁ ਨਿਤ ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰ ਪੂਰੈ ਤੂ ਰਾਖਿਆ ॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ The Lord's Bani and the words are the best utterances. Ever sing hear and recite them, O brother and the Perfect Guru shall save thee. Pause. p611 Here Guru ji shows the importance of both Bani and Naam: ਆਇਓ ਸੁਨਨ ਪੜਨ ਕਉ ਬਾਣੀ ॥ ਨਾਮੁ ਵਿਸਾਰਿ ਲਗਹਿ ਅਨ ਲਾਲਚਿ ਬਿਰਥਾ ਜਨਮੁ ਪਰਾਣੀ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ The mortal has come to hear and utter Bani. Forgetting the Name thou attached thyself to other desires. Vain is thy life, O mortal. Pause. p1219 Are there any house manuals that say to read and sing the house manual?
    • All of these are suppositions, bro. Linguists know that, generally, all the social classes of a physical area speak the same language, though some classes may use more advanced vocabulary. I'm talking about the syntax. That is, unless the King is an invader, which Porus was not. When you say Punjabi wasn't very evolved, what do you mean? The syntax must have been roughly the same. As for vocabulary, do you really think Punjabis at the time did nothing more than grunt to express their thoughts? That they had no shades of meaning? Such as hot/cold, red/yellow/blue, angry/sweet/loving/sad, etc? Why must we always have an inferiority complex?
    • I still think about that incident now and then, just haven't heard any developments regarding what happened, just like so many other things that have happened in Panjab!
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