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Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

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what if they came in human form though?

would you accept them as Guru Nanak Sahib?


"In Ko Daras Satguru Ko darshan bolan Guru Shabad Gur Grantha.

Dvadas Roop Satigur Eh Kaiyat Dvadas Bhan Pargat Har Santha.

Partakya Kala Parbraham Dhanee Shai Granth Panth Khalsa Vartanta.

Das Gobind Fateh Satgur Ki Khalsa Granth Gur Roop Bidanta"

"Having the blessed audience (of the Khalsa) is equal to having the audience of the Guru, as long as they are singing the songs of love held within Guru Granth Sahib.

There are twelve forms of the Guru this is what I (Guru Gobind Singh) tell you,

There are twelve forms who revealed themselves I tell you Oh Saints.

This is the blatant arrow of power dispensed by the ultimate Creator,

Deal with the Guru Granth Guru Panth as the Khalsa.

The slave of the Deathless Being, Guru Gobind Singh, (does not recognise this victory as his), the victory is of supreme true Guru, the Khalsa and the Granth, these are very form and presence of the Guru."

Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji


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