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Beadbi Of 2500 Saroop Of Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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12 Trucks load of SGGS sarup and litrature taken under custody by Sikh sangat from the godown of Chela ram at 13, Hargobind enclave, Jamna Paar, Delhi. Safely escorted to Dera Baba Karam Singh ji. Sarups and other litrature was kept in basement and when floated and staunched, only then came to know.No person of Chelaram visited there. Sarna ready to sanskar of sarup but denies action


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Waheguru Ji, heres a quick translation:

A wave of anger and remorse spread within the Sikh kaum when about 2500 Saroops and various other Gurbani Pothis and magazines were recovered from the controversial Chela Ram of Delhi. A large number of Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji printed in various languages were recovered from his godown, they had the publisher's name 'Lakshman Chela Ram' stamped on them. Because of water damage in the godown, these Saroops were being moved to another place. The basement in which these Saroops were kept was full of mud and sewage water due to rains. When the Sikhs of Delhi got to know about this, they reached the spot and saw the condition of these Saroops. Many Saroops were being eaten away by woodworms while other Saroops were in tatters and wet with sewage waste. It was extruciating to see the beadbi of the very Guru we bow our heads in front of everyday. A few members from Delhi Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee also reached the spot but there were busy in reconciliation efforts. The Singhs wanted to call the police and get case registered against the culprits but these members of DSGMC tried their best to stop this legal action from taking place. After taking possession of these holy Saroops, they were taken to Dera Baba Karam Singh where, despite bad weather and lack of Singhs, they were kept in a room. After the appropriate Sewa, arrangements to perform final rites are being made. Singhs are busy taking care of the appropriate Sewa.


It is worth mentioning that dispute has been going on between Lakshman Chela Raam and Sikhs of Delhi regarding the parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in his hindu temples. Chela Ram has been doing parallel parkash of Sri Guru Sahib alongside idols and other anti-Gurmat granths in his temples. Sikhs have raised their protest from time to time but Paramjit Singh Sarna has always sided with and defended this Lakshman Chela Ram. When Saroops were removed from his temples not so long ago, Paramjit Singh Sarna established a enquiry committee and provided Saroops to him and got them parkash in those temples again. This clearly proves the extent to which Paramjit Singh Sarna is siding with Lakshman Chela Ram in this crime, and how he is helping these sinners to prove his loyality to his agents and masters.

Only SGPC has got the sole rights to publish the Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji so that no negligence while printing takes place, and printing of Saroops in other languages is also forbidden. Lakshman Chela Ram has ignored all these orders and has committed grave sin by publishing the Saroops of Guru Sahib and storing them in warehouses. Gurmeet 'Shanti', a tout of Paramjit Singh Sarna, tried his best to split up Singhs by his pathetic reconciliation efforts and to stop the sewadars of Proud Khalsa from taking any pictures. An emergency meeting of Singhs was held at Dera Baba Karam Singh where Parmjit Singh Sarna came to shed crocodile tears. Upon being asked by Sangat as to why the Saroops were handed back to Chela Ram , he fled back to his car. More information and details regarding Chela Ram will soon be presented before the Sangat.

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I dont understand why Akal Takht sahib or any of our other leaders have NOT commented on this yet. I cant find any comments from anyone except Proud Khalsa Network.

Its shocking that we have again got to this embarrassing stage and no panth “leader” wants to address the issues. Thinking back to 100 yrs ago when there was also beadbi of Maharaj's Saroop going on we were blessed with the likes in Baba Nand Singh who taught us how to respect Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji again. We are in that era again and need a complete re-engineered approach of our attitude towards our own Panth and our own Granth.

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