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How To Handle Compliments As A Sikh

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im studying in the US and there arent many sikhs here compared to my home in canada so i know a singh or singhnee is foreign but i will definitely do thsee things, thank so much, great advice!

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wjkk wjkf

with guru sahibs mahaan kirpa this pile of dirt has been getting a lot of compliments from the general public, people saying " you are beautiful" " you are elegant" " you are very pretty" " i did a double take" etc

daas feels very guilty because this is guru sahibs kirpa, the grace of the dastaar and blessings of our 10th guru sahib who blessed us with the saroop of a sikh, some guys my age who arent sikh ( different race and religion) have also been giving me comments but they are less innocent and more "flirty", how can i respond to all of these people? My dad says it is good to tell them that what u see isnt me but a blessing of god because everywhere i go he is with me and thats what u see radiating from me, but he said it in punjabi so i dont know if that sounds egotistical in english or if its appropriate, any help from the sangat as to how to approach these situations will be greatly appreciated.

wjkk wjkf!

No not all guys just want one thing. Humans all want love, but we look for it in the wrong places, in an image. Image is illusion, take that away and thats where we actually find love, in Nothing, which is Truth, which is Him.

It is so simple, yet we lack the humbleness to accept this simple fact and cause drama and indulge in the thieves instead.

To the poster, your answer is Simple, the gurmukh doesnt rise to slander or praise, they are one and the same to the gurmukh.

We have no image, that is the truth- We are Nothing just like god, we just haven't realised it yet.

So what is there to be proud about, what praise is there really to listen to?

Who cares what your false body looks like to others, a true gurmukh would see you for what you really are, Nothing with no image.

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