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Dusehra Smagam Of Sant Baba Santokh Singh Jee Joti Saroop Valeh

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Sant Baba Santokh Singh Ji Joti Saroop Valeh

1928 - 2011

Dusehra Smagam

Bhog Sri Sehaj Paat Sahib

Wednesday 23/02/2011 @ 5pm

Followed by Mahaan Smagam,

attended by International Katha Vaachicks, Keertanis, kaveeshari jathas

Gurdvara Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee,

Dudley Road West


B69 2PJ

By UK Saadh Sangat

For more information please contact

0121 522 4828


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There are not many Mahapurkhs like Baba Santokh Singh Jee Maharaj. Baba Jee about 3/4 weeks before passing away said fateh to the sangat and told them they are leaving. Sangat did bentia and all the Mahapurkhs came to do bentia to not leave. Mahapurkhs would say we need you yet, please dont go. Baba jee stayed for another 3/4 weeks due to all the ardaas and jaaps at Gurdvara Sahibs and Takht Sahibs.

Infront of daas Baba Jee said to the Singhs 'Let me go' - jaa lendo menu - They told all the sangat to stop the Ardas and Jaaps, but other Mahapurkhs kept doing bentia to sangat to do jaap and ardaas for baba jee to stay.

Baba Ajit Singh Jee Hansali Vale gave Jaaps to do for sangat and Baba Harbans Singh Jee Delhi Vale also gave Jaaps for everyone to do.

Its very hard to find such a pure soul again, im just amased how much nimrata baba jee had an how gupt they kept themselves.

Dhan Han Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee and Sant Baba Santokh Singh Jee

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Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale

Once Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale went to Dera Joti Saroop with the jatha, the singhs ate langar and set off for Fatehgarh Sahib to do katha, in the early days the roads were not fully developed and Sant Jee and the jatha had to go through the fields.

One of the singhs stole two mooliya from the field. Some of the singhs saw this and told Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, Sant Jee asked ‘from whose field did you steal?’ and got upset on realising that the mooliya were from Baba Santokh Singh Jees field. Sant jee told five singhs to take the chaur and do benti to baba jee that we have found your chaur, please give him sakht sajah. The 6 singhs went to Baba Santokh Singh Jee and did the benti as per sant jarnail singh jees wishes. Baba Jee with utmost nimrata and respect gave them langar, after langar baba jee gave 50 rupees each to the 5 singh and 100 rupees to the singhs who stole.

Then the singhs asked what is the sajah, Baba Jee replied ‘ the sajah is that only the singh that stole can eat the mooliya’. The singhs left astonished and went back to Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, when sant jee asked, the singhs said what baba jee said. Sant Jee returned with the jatha to Joti Saroop Gurdwara Sahib and asked baba jee ‘what sajah is this?’ Baba Jee in their mauj replied ‘ maharaj/sant jee – you in your katha state ‘every food/dana has someones name on – everything is in hukam – so these muleah had this singhs name on, if he did not take them, then how would i have found him after to give them to him?’. That was the nimrata that baba jee stayed in at all times.

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Is there a full jeevani of Baba ji online anywhere? Vaheguroo. Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyare.

I dont think one will ever be made. Baba Jee kept themselves very hidden, you would have to ask the sangat first where baba jees dera was as there is no signs outside stating their name.

Once inside you would walk around wondering who they were, once you ask someone you would realise, either they were the singh who served you langar, or the one who washed ur dishes or the one who was cutting the sabjea... and if they were not any of them, then possibly once you have wondered around and been to the back of the dera they were probably the singh who was picking up the cows excrement or sitting on there own at the back.

At times baba jee would sit in the langar and sangat would be around them, but most the time it was hard to find them.

Once i asked baba jee - can i take a picture? they replied 'take one of those who are rehat from janam and maran' me being a fool replied maharaj aap jee ho - maharaj you are.... they replied make me.... i stayed quiet, they then said take pictures of the sahibzade.

You would be lucky to take pictures of them, its only after they passed away that over 100 pictures that were accumulated throughout the years were put online on http://www.flickr.com/photos/59471516@N05/

I will do a benti to the singhs at the dera. Baba Jees history is full of seva and simran. They were dhann. The amount of mahapurkhs they did seva with is unbelievable. They were one of the last ones left from that generation

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