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I am new to the faith and have heard from a friend that there are Sikh communities where one can go to study and learn. They are live-work communities where you are completely immersed into the way of living as a Sikh. I am interested in studying at one but cannot find where they are. Any ideas. Please help!

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I'd be interested in that sort of thing too, but haven't really found out about any either.. i know that the 3ho has something like that going on in EspaƱola and maybe elsewhere, but i'd prefer something with more sikhi and less kundalini yoga. Here's the website for their ashram if you're interested.. http://www.espanolaashram.com/pages/

I wonder if there are any Gursikh communities like that in India? I'm thinking of a community where you could do agricultural or some other basic work in exchange for food and accommodation and have the chance to learn about Gurbani, Punjabi, keertan, gatka etc. That would be like ideal.. :smile2:

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh!

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brother why dont you stay with dal panth AKA nihang singhs..you can stay aslong as you want with them..learn bani..learn shastar vidya(science of weapons)..and with the blessings of the guru take amrit and become a soldier of the khalsa army...

Dal Singh Veerji..Miri Piri academy is a joke..i watched a video of their students lately and in a 15 minute interview..not once did they mention sikhi, sri guru granth sahib ji, etc..the whol convo was about kunda-bloody-lini yoga...its like for heavens sake give it a rest....

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