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Warwick & Leamington Gurdwara

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post-2620-0-09256200-1308850185_thumb.jpOn Sunday 26th June the General Ajlaas is taking place at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara which will decide the fate of the old Gurdwara building and whether or not it should be converted to become all purpose party hall. In a recent article to Man Jitt Weekly, the people pushing for the old Gurdwara to become a party hall are open and honest about their views on meat, sharaab and community centre's made through Gurdwara.

Please come along at 12pm to register and become a member so that you can vote in the General Ajlaas. Anyone from anywhere can become a member as long as they full the criteria in the Constitution attached. You need to bring a photo ID (passport or driving license) and one utility bill.

Please help and spread the word.




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Sunday 26th June 12pm VOTE NO!!

The new Gurdwara Committee wants to maintain and refurbish the Old Gurdwara Sahib dilapidated buildings (Hall 1). Realistically this will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to refurbish, for what will always be a temporary short term inadequate solution.

We urge you to ask?

• Do we have a planning & building regulations consent for the proposed work?

• What are the costs involved in bringing Hall 1 into temporary use?

• Why are details of cost and revenues being deliberately hidden?

• What additional incremental income if any will this generate for the Gurdwara?

• Why has there been no further detailed consultation with Sangat on future plans, as was previously agreed?

• Who are these mystery donor’s and should this money not be used for the more urgent priority of debt reduction?

• Why is the new “Gurdwara Committee” not focussing upon debt reduction?

• Why divide the sangat further on what has become a divisive issue?

• Finally would it not be better to start planning for a completely new build facility rather than waste time & money on a temporary solution?


We urge the Gurdwara Committee:


1. To consult the entire congregation over a 12 month cooling off period

2. To focus on unity and act with the best interests of the Gurdwara & the sangat

3. Produce a long term vision and viable Business Case which enlists full sangat support

4. Prioritise debt reduction and encourage fund raising

Vote for common sense: Vote NO


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I understand that this was still passed even though sangat rejected it in the past. Out of protest many of sangaat didn't go?

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