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Why Bother About Casts?


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Oh I am confused now because I know only the term Guru to be associated with Guru Nanak Dev ji up to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The bani from different bhagats are in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji but how can bhagat ravidass have the same status as the word Guru? Wouldn't he have been mentioned in ardas as Guru too? I'm just confused about that sorry I'm learning each day.

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Bhagats were never given the status of "guru" by the house of Guru Nanak Sahib Jee. This is made very clear in Gurbani. In many places when placing Bhagat bani in Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Guru Sahib says in the title that this is bhagat bani. Two examples of this follow.

slok Bgq kbIr jIau ky

salok bhagath kabeer jeeo kae

Saloks Of devotee Kabeer Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

kbIr myrI ismrnI rsnw aUpir rwmu ]

kabeer maeree simaranee rasanaa oopar raam ||

Kabeer, my rosary is my tongue, upon which the Lord's Name is strung.

Awid jugwdI sgl Bgq qw ko suKu ibsRwmu ]1]

aadh jugaadhee sagal bhagath thaa ko sukh bisraam ||1||

From the very beginning, and throughout the ages, all the devotees abide in tranquil peace. ||1||


rwgu gauVI BgqW kI bwxI

raag gourree bhagathaa(n) kee baanee

Raag Gauree, The Word Of The Devotees:

<> siqnwmu krqw purKu gur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathinaam karathaa purakh gur prasaadh ||

One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. Creative Being Personified. By Guru's Grace:

gauVI guAwryrI sRI kbIr jIau ky caupdy 14 ]

gourree guaaraeree sree kabeer jeeo kae choupadhae 14 ||

Gauree Gwaarayree, Fourteen Chau-Paday Of Kabeer Jee:

Ab moih jlq rwm jlu pwieAw ]

ab mohi jalath raam jal paaeiaa ||

I was on fire, but now I have found the Water of the Lord's Name.

rwm audik qnu jlq buJwieAw ]1] rhwau ]

raam oudhak than jalath bujhaaeiaa ||1|| rehaao ||

This Water of the Lord's Name has cooled my burning body. ||1||Pause||

Additionally, in many places, Guru Sahib have added to bhagat bani. Scholars believe this was done to alleviate any confusion in the bhagat bani. For instance,

PrIdw kwlNØI ijnI n rwivAw DaulI rwvY koie ]

fareedhaa kaala(n)aee jinee n raaviaa dhhoulee raavai koe ||

Fareed, those who did not enjoy their Spouse when their hair was black - hardly any of them enjoy Him when their hair turns grey.

kir sWeI isau iprhVI rMgu nvylw hoie ]12]

kar saa(n)ee sio pireharree ra(n)g navaelaa hoe ||12||

So be in love with the Lord, so that your color may ever be new. ||12||

mÚ 3 ]

ma 3 ||

Third Mehla:

PrIdw kwlI DaulI swihbu sdw hY jy ko iciq kry ]

fareedhaa kaalee dhhoulee saahib sadhaa hai jae ko chith karae ||

Fareed, whether one's hair is black or grey, our Lord and Master is always here if one remembers Him.

Awpxw lwieAw iprmu n lgeI jy locY sBu koie ]

aapanaa laaeiaa piram n lagee jae lochai sabh koe ||

This loving devotion to the Lord does not come by one's own efforts, even though all may long for it.

eyhu iprmu ipAwlw Ksm kw jY BwvY qY dyie ]13]

eaehu piram piaalaa khasam kaa jai bhaavai thai dhaee ||13||

This cup of loving devotion belongs to our Lord and Master; He gives it to whomever He likes. ||13||

Mahalla 3 means the tuk is written by Dhan Guru Amar Daas Jee. But as you read the ang, the saloks are from Dhan Shaikh Fareed Sahib Jee.

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Nāmḏe▫o Ŧrilocẖan Kabīr ḏāsro mukaṯ bẖa▫i▫o cẖammi▫āro. ||2||1||10||

The Lord's servants, Naam Dayv, Trilochan, Kabeer and Ravi Daas the shoe-maker have been liberated

No he was a Brahmgyani- Bhagat means devotee- a brahmgyani can still be called a devotee


Gur Amarḏās nij bẖagaṯ hai ḏekẖ ḏaras pāva▫o mukaṯ. ||4||13||

Guru Amar Daas is the Lord's own devotee; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, one is liberated.

And quotes of Ravidas Ji:

Mahram mahal na ko atkāvai.

They know the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, and no one blocks their way.

Kahi Raviḏās kẖalās cẖamārā.

Says Ravi Daas, the emancipated shoe-maker:

Urvār pār ke ḏānī▫ā likẖ leho āl paṯāl.

O you who know this world and the world beyond: write whatever nonsense you please about me.

The five thieves cannot survive alone, they live in conjunction with each other... They need the ego(mind) to survive. Once the mind(ego) is eradicated, they disappear and as the mind is the only thing that keeps us from realisation, once entanglements(attachments) are cast off, we realise Him:

Mohi jam dand na lāg▫ī ṯajīle sarab janjāl. ||3||

The club of the Messenger of Death shall not strike me, since I have cast off all entanglements. ||3||

(Jan Raviḏās rām rang rāṯā.

Servant Ravi Daas is imbued with the Lord's Love.

Raviḏās dẖuvanṯā dẖor nīṯ ṯin ṯi▫āgī mā▫i▫ā.

Ravi Daas, who used to carry dead cows every day, renounced the world of Maya

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    • I am in big dilemma.  As we all know that waheguru ji everywhere. I also understand that it is important to go to gurudwara sahib as well. My question is that if i do ardaas at home or any other place other than  gurudwara sahib, will it be heard and acknowledged by guru sahib or it is always important to go to gurudwara sahib and do ardaas at gurudwara sahib for guru sahib to acknowledge it? I always do path and ardaas at home in front of harmandir sahib photo or hazur sahib photo  and then for important things i make a list and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardaas there because i think that if i do ardaas in front of guru granth sahib then it will be more accepted by guru sahib. On the other hand i think that if i am doing ardaas in front of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib photo and redoing the same ardaas at gurudwara sahib, i feel that i am not respecting the authority of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib. Because of all this, I wait to find a quite time at gurudwara sahib when there is less or no sangat  so that I can open my list and read and do ardaas spend 10-15 minutes on average to do ardaas. If there are lot of people, i can't do ardaas due to people in the lineup and I don't want to block access to them while i am spending so much time doing ardaas. If i leave without doing ardaas then i am embarrassed, disappointed and sad and then OCD kicks in. Kindly help!    
    • Play/do gurbani, simran and keertan often, make sure you do your nitnem, use sarbloh and wear sarbloh!
    • process is to find a vichola and then the vichola talks between your family and theirs. The process should be similar to how rishta is done in India side!
    • No. If you read the histroy of Guru jis' times and even centuries later, usually marriages were done in childhood. Then when they were old enough to start their grihast jeevan partnership, the bride is brought over to her husbands's house in muklawa ceremony. 4-5 years engagement is silly. You get Anand Karaj now, and then after university she you do muklawa, that is much more in the guidelines!
    • you need to explain that even the devtay kept their kes, and is a part of the ancestors' culture, that sikhi is also preserving the kshatriya and dharmik cultures!
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