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Proof That Not Everyone With A Dastar And Dhari Should Be Labelled As Sikh

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Someone sent me this video and it truly is disgusting. I sent the original uploader a message to remove it and I think he ended up doing it but the cat was out of the bag (everyone downloaded/reuploaded the video).

I honestly don't think he was ill intentioned as he helped a kid from being beat up by <banned word filter activated> rioters and then I think he got caught up in the crowd's attention and wanted to be a "good sport".

Either that or he was ill intentioned. Optimism vs pessimism, i can't tell how to think of this to be honest.

Who said he was protecting the streets?

There were only a handful of those kinds of people in Vancouver that night.

He actually chased off two rioters who were beating up a kid. Everyone was happy after he did.

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