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Christian Missionaries Targeting Sikh Diaspora

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I accidentally stumbled onto this website. At first, I thought it was just giving information about the Punjabi people, however, as I looked to the charts to my right and saw that the site was actually recording the progress of missionaries within the community. The site also claims that Sikhs are more likely to believe in Jesus because of our belief in one god. I was wondering if anyone has had an encounter with these people and if anyone knows how to stop these missionaries.

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They are working overtime right now in Punjab trying to change the demographics in the geo-political sensitive area for Sikhs even online they are creating propaganda trying to show Sikhs and their culture in subtle negative light also they are trying to give the perception and message "that only jesus can offer them hope". Using all kinds of clever psy-ops tried and tested methods they used on muslims to get them to convert the same they are trying with us. If we start on Christianity they will be wondering what hit them. We can smash Christian theology to bits ideologically, Sikhism is far superior but due to our friendly relations and respect for their community we try not to engage in belittling their faith. If they persist in trying to move in on our people then things will change. Maybe they are jealous that white westerners ex-christians and atheists are embracing Sikhism they see that as a threat?

However they should realise these westerners embrace Sikhism out of their own free will and research there is no cohesion or pressure for them to convert as Sikhs are not missionary people. Sooner or later they will have no choice but to engage with various online counter video's just like members of the community are doing against Islamo-fascists and extremist VHP RSS type inspired dehra cultists.

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Yes, i was once approached buy a Christian in Delhi . He was a Punjabi Hindu by name but was practicing Christianity . He was always seen reading bible during breaks and discussing about Jesus with others . These Christians Missionaries have started targeting Rich Hindus and Sikhs and sad to say they have success to .

Thats why i always post on Christianity so that our people can counter them .

How many of our Pracharaks and Sant have gutts to expose the Christanity buy doing Katha .

Hindus sants do but we dont why ?

Lets organise a seminar to expose this jew cult on 25th Dec and we can invite many Rabbis .

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