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Why Was The Liverpool Thread Locked?

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I suggest you guys need to sort issues out among yourselves within your local Sikh communities. Posting on an online forum without any substantial or solid evidence, maligning names of people who most on this board don't even know anything about, this isn't going to help. In fact one can get prosecuted for these things if done without any back-up proof. We had several posters claim the news to be a hoax, and then others claiming it as the truth. Dilemma for us as admins and mods is whose word do we take over whose? So again, resolve your clashes at an individual and not cyber level. There is no harm in sitting down and having a civil conversation with those we don't agree with. I am not totally aware of the issues that were mentioned, all I know is we had 2 sides claiming to be right and the other as a liar, and neither had ANY evidence to provide (I did ask for it once myself). I am personally not ready to believe that a Gurdwara Sahib in UK would have Ardas done for Indira Gandhi, but looking at the sad state of affairs today, I wouldn't be surprised if the committee did so either.

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