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The Iron In A Sarbloh Kara

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This may sound like a silly question, but I’m curious.

I’ve heard Singhs say that the sarbloh in your kara gets rubbed off into your skin.

So my question is can a sarbloh kara ever run out of sarbloh? Or its “power”

If so how often should we change our kara?

I don’t do science so forgive me if it’s a silly question :)

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Sarbloh means something made totally of loha (though it does always tend to have some very low carbon content), so a sarbloh kara will run out of sarbloh when it has totally corroded into nothingness LOL.

In purely physical (non-spiritual) terms, the only power of sarbloh in regards to our body is literally that the iron transfers into our body through the skin by way of oxidation. This will never stop as long as the kara is in existence, so you are ok for a few thousand years lol.

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