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Persian Bani - Bhai Nand Lal

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Re: deen duniya dar kamandey - need translation Posted by: kulbir singh (IP Logged) Date: January 03, 2008 07:01AM
I will try to translate to the best of my ability. I don't have a steek of Bhai Nandlal jee at this time, therefore the translation may not be up to par:

mw nmy Awrym qwby gmzey imXZwin aU ]
Xk ingwhy jW i&zwieS bs bvd drkwir mw ]


The first pankiti means that I cannot sustain or bear the movement of the eyebrows of Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj. 'Maa Namay Aaraem taabay' - I cannot bear it. "Ghamza-e-Miyghaan-e.oo" means the Ishaara of his eyes. The word "Ghamza" is used to describe the killer glance of your pyaara. Mirza Ghalib has used this word in one of his shayers as follows:

Yeh paree chehra log kaise hain.
Ghamza-o-Ishwa-o-Adaa Kya hai.

Ghamza means ishaara or communication done through eyebrows. Bhai Nandlal jee is basically saying that when his pyaara i.e. Siri Guru jee looks at him, he can't bear it i.e. he is so much filled in Rass.

The second pankiti means that 'just one glance that is life-filling, is enough for me'. Yak means one, nigaah means glance, jaan-fizaayash means life-giving. Darkaar means enough.

gwih sU&I gwih zwihd gwih klMdr my Svd ]
rMghwey mu^qil& dwrd buqy A~Xwir mw ]


Here Bhai Sahib talks about the spiritual greatness of Guru Sahib. Sufi means a Sufi Faqir. Zaahid means a religious scholar that follows Sharia to the fullest. Kalandar means a spiritual faqir. Ranghaaye is the plural of Rang or colour. Mukhtalif means different.

The whole shayer means that 'O Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaj, you alone pervade or exist within the Sufi, Zaahid and a Kalandar. These seem like different colours, but in reality you alone are pervading in everyone.

kdr lwly aU bjuz AwiSk ndwnd hyc ks ]
kImqy XwkUq dwnd cSim gOhr bwir mw ]


Kadar means keemat, laal means jewel, Bajuz means without, aashiq means lover. Chasham means eye, gauhar means jewel.

The whole shayer means that the price or kadar of a jewel is not known by anyone other than the aashiq or lover. The price of Vaheguru-roopi jewel is known only by our eye (chasham) that is shedding jewel-roopi tears all the time.

hr n&s goXw bXwdy nrgsy m^mUir aU ]
bwdw hwey SOk my nOSd idly huiSAwir mw]


Har means every, nafas means every moment, goiya means Bhai Nandlal jee, Nargis is a kind of flower, Makhmoor means intoxicated, Bada means liquor or sharaab and here it means the spiritual sharaab of Naam.

The whole shayer I think means that every moment 'Goiya' (Bhai Nandlal jee's poet-name) stays intoxicated in the yaad or remembrance of beautiful flower like Vaheguru. Even though he is intoxicated in the spiritual shauq, still his heart is hoshiyaar or alert in his yaad.

Bhai Sahib's baani is of very high level and my intelligence is very lowly. A lot of mistakes may have been committed. Sangat bakash lave.

Kulbir Singh

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My ALL time favorite...

Rooh Dar Har Jism Guru Gobind Singh

Noor Dar Har Chashm Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh is the soul in each body, the light in every eye.

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    • I don't know Deepa Singh personally and only know him through his videos online. From what I have seen he is a passionate sewadar and while others like to sit in their armchairs at home and nit pick he is actually on the frontlines confronting the issues that others just want to sweep under the carpet because it doesn't fit into their left wing socialist kumbaya view of the world. From what I have seen he has been active in protecting girls from grooming gangs.  Deepa Singh has been associated with Tommy Robinson and this has been because both have been prominent in highlighting Pakistani grooming gangs. If you buy into the mainstream media's portrayal of TR as a racist then for you this is an unforgivable crime. For me TR is not a racist and I haven't seen anything which shows him to be a racist. This is especially surprising as the first thing anyone who is a victim of the mainstream media brainwashing will be to describe TR as a racist. TR is trying to defend his community against the grooming gangs and this something that many Sikh youth in the 80s and 90s did and they also faced the same level of personal attacks from the Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations that TR faces from the mainstream media now. For the left wing kumbaya type Sikhs such as Sikhs against EDL, Turban Campaign, City Sikhs etc Deepa Singh represents something that they despise, a Sikh who doesn't care about what the mainstream media and the British establishment thinks of him and someone who measures his achievements by the lives he has saved from the grooming gangs and not the CBEs or MBEs that he has received which is what the above organisations are more concerned about.  The kumbaya singing Sikh organisations whose only existence is online and who probably only consist of some few brain dead left wing pajamay hate Deepa Singh because he calls them out on their antics and their anti-Panthic activities. The latest one was the disgusting Vaisakhi in the Mosque event where these self appointed 'leaders' of the Sikh community wanted to celebrate Vaisakhi in a Mosque! These sell outs weren't prepared for the backlash that occurred from the Sikhs and also Deepa Singh's involvement in raising awareness of what these sell outs were doing. These sell outs MO is to play the victim when they are called out on their anti-Panthic activities. When Deepa Singh and others went to the house of one of the organisers this was presented as some kind of attack and siege while according to the police no arrests were made and no complaint was even made. The kumbaya singing Sikhs then enlisted the aid of Sunny Hundal to present their victim narrative to the mainstream media. These self serving sell outs have no time to counter the attacks on our community from the grooming gangs but they have all the time in the world to set up anti-Panthic events like Vaisakhi in the Mosque.  Deepa Singh has rattled these paper tigers who think they are the voice of the Sikhs. So they will use any opportunity to bring him down. This is what I am seeing happening here.  Their modus operandi is pretty clear to see. First someone comes on this forum and asks' Is it true Deepa did so and so'. Then without proving any proof others join in by passing judgement on his 'crimes' and pretty much the tread becomes an Deepa Singh bashing thread and anyone unfamiliar with Deepa Singh will think he is the devil incarnate.
    • I use sikhitothemax.com 
    • jus watched em. dnt knw the allegations/stories/ rumours abt deepa or his conduct. but the incidents on the coach n wiv gnnsj sevadaar r ultimately gna be on his head. cuz these kids r supposed to be representin singhs but act like clowns. did he or anyone ever tell em from the beginning to curb the childish antics? nothins changed. it gives the impression this behaviour is accepted within the org. thts not ryt since theyre representin sikhi n us too so something has to change. imo it wudve been better to let sangat prove themselves worthy of certain seva first but too late for tht nw.
    • Tiger chasing Deer on marble on the floor at harmandir sahib     sun on the ceiling of Harmandir Sahib   Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with sun/surya on the ceiling  ceiling of gurdwara tarn taran sahib,  flower or sun? tarn taran   surya on hazur sahib ceiling    sun at baba khem singh bedi haveli in pakistan  
    • Sikh Youth Uk.. the message was clear today - Deepa step down and get out of town. His ego was always going to get the better of him. Sewa was always done but never humbly.  Waheguru

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