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Mahan Beadbi Of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Continues - In Warehouse - On Steal Rack - In Containers

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Guru Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib beadbe by this family. Guru Sahib ji Stored in basement on iron shelves in warehouse storage facility. Shipping Guru Sahib in shipping container with stuffed in garments.

They were in indian news when gurmukhs caught a container in mumbai port approvel by parmjit sarna. container was business garments and mahan beadbe of dhan guru granth sahib inside container also full of gurbani pothees. port box reciver destination said satnam trust canada. issue was hushed up and no action taken. news article prove same mahan beadbi carry on by malik.

why sangat is mute as proof given below ?

Latest News

Local Sikh Boutique Funds Religious Education In Punjab, India


At first glance, the family-owned Papillon clothing company on 7th and Mateo Street resembles the banal fashion warehouses emblematic of the city’s garment district. But the basement of the Malik family’s wholesale clothing business isn’t packed full of this year’s hottest springtime wares.

Instead, scores of Sikh religious artifacts, harmoniums and Tablas – an Indian percussion instrument similar to bongo drums – adorn the underground room’s metal shelving. Stacks of educational books and the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy text, sit in reserve, supporting a more than 20-year education project funded by the Maliks back in India. The Maliks import Sikh religious texts, instruments and various other items from India in their clothing containers.




Over one hundered saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji that were being transported to Canada sealed in a container have arrived back in New Delhi.

Jathedar Vedanti also acknowledged that Sarna's apology letter has been received along with a letter mailed by the Satnam Education Trust based in Canada who had "ordered" the saroops from the DSGMC. The letter was sent on a Satnam Education Trust letterhead and signed by Balwant Singh, a representative of the Canada based organization.

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You question why Sangat is mute?

The problem is most of us are too busy trying to drag someone else down. It is interesting how many people are taking keen interest in some rubbish being made up and spread by an individual about a Parcahrak. We would rather be involved in this nindiya chugli than have to actually do something proactive and against Beadbi. It is interesting how many people including me comment on negative topics. But we just read and ignore this sort of topic.

Sorry to go off topic.

Back to topic. It seems the Maliks intentions are good. BUT that is as far as it goes. This independant article is saying that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is being kept on shelves in a basement!

I think we need some Americans to get down there and take a closer look. He talks about Gurdwaras supporting them Maybe they can be questioned?

Maybe you can invite some Canadian friends. They seem quite proactive to me.

This is an important issue. Must be handled in the right way so that we educate everyone. This just goes to show how we are always learning.

It is fine to keep tablas harmoniums and religious books in your basement BUT NOT Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is their mistake and this must be explained to them. Also what is going on in shipping?

Sorry to go off topic earlier.

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They have a website


I couldn't view it at the moment, but check and see if they have an email address. If they do, start emailing them telling them to stop this

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Put this back in the general section please.

i think we need to tell the americans and canadians that a Baba might be involved in this...then they might wake up and do something.

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guru sahib is the shabad and not the paper, ink and binding .... , how about millions of SGGS files that live on poeple's hard drives ....

but parasti that guru sahib guarded against , is most rampant in sikhs of all religious people

byapat hai sab kee bikhe kich pathar me parmesar nahi

He dwells in all, in a stone he dwells not

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Sarna has done it again. Now the Kala Afghanis(dhunda, darshan lal) who pretend to support Guru Granth Sahib Jee so much, will they raise their voice on this issue by condemning Sarna? I doubt it since they are being supported and financed by Sarna group. It will most likely be Gursikhs who read Dasam Guru's bani that will get most offended by this Be-Adbi and do something.

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    • I agree, and these protests have mainly targeted government buildings. There are a multitude of factions involved, not all black by any means, and the human rights movement doesn't lose my support over a starbucks, which is a multinational corp not a cha wala, getting trashed or some multi generational plantation money owned store that's insured getting trashed, especially by a mixed segment of the entire population plus provacateurs.  Would I bother looting unless I truly needed survival supplies in an apocalypse? No I wouldn't, but it's really another excuse to not have to change the status quo to say looting happened during your protests so your issue isn't valid anymore.  Common deflections are  But they looted.. They commit a crime once... That was a long time ago... None of which changes the centuries old history and tradition of cultural oppresion, murder, rape, incarceration, bigotry, humiliation that continues strong to this day, perpetrated by a government, it's military and police force upon races of people. We are a constitutional country of law on paper and some of us expect that to be respected and some of us know it's a lie, but either way people have their limits.  You have racist cops, doing a hack job of even managing to murder someone on camera. They ought to be embarrassed for one. Cops throwing up white power and laughing. You think 400 years of that isn't going to get some stores wrecked in addition to government buildings? I know people with murdered family members in this country in my community. Police murders that resulted in settlements and gag orders because they did such a poor job of even covering it up. 
    • Maybe they thought they could clown you because they could get away with it? 😁 
    • Yes, what goes around comes around. but I don’t see how the businesses have really deserved the looting in this case.  if anyone to be looted it should be whoever is directly oppressing the looters 
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