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Bheora's Letter Back - Some Shocking Things About Rajoana

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Bhai Rajoana has written his response to Resham germany and Bhai Parmjeet Singh bheora on www.sangharhdasach.com

I did reqeuest sikh24 to give the original to the translation of bhai paramjeet singh but they said they did not have it.

I think we need to consider why all this is happening and where it originated from. Benti to everyone to read all the letters and make the decision yourself. Instead of siding due to jathebandia. I have read both sides to the story.

Parmjeet Singh Bheora's letter has been published in the Punjab Times this week http://www.punjabtimes.co.uk/PDF/main.pdf

The reason why this has come to a head now is due to Balwant Singh Rajoana repeatedly making his allegation in his letters against Resham Singh Germany to which the others have responded but the long term issue between the Singhs in this case relate to the different approaches they have taken in their legal cases. It is a shame they were unable to maintain respect for each other and rise above their differences rather than becoming so fractured and publicly insulting each other.

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See more info on Rajoana : http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/66854-baljit-singh-bhau-cautions-rajoana-regarding-his-attacks-on-bhai-hawara-and-others/

Khalistan Zindabad, Bhai Resham Singh is an Amritdhari Singh, his name is NOT "Resham Germany"!

You can call up Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala and ask them directly about this Jinda Shaheed and what he looked like in Burial Jail.

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can someone post what Bhai balwant singh Rajoana said about resham singh and Bhai jagtar singh hawara

exact letters with english translations would be good if you can get them

just wondering why only certain letters are being published, translated etc ???

also why does it matter that bhai sahib cut his hair, he took amrit after right which means everything before was maaf, who are we to question what happend before if Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepted him when giving amrit?

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