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The Sub-Inspector Rajesh Malhotra (Posted At Ps Model Town,patiala-Punjab) Passed A Derogatory Remark In Honor Of A Sikh Woman Gurmukh Kaur

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Another feather in glory of Punjab

Police on defamation of a Sikh woman;

The sub-inspector Rajesh Malhotra


at PS Model town,Patiala-Punjab)

passed a derogatory remark in honor

of a Sikh

woman Gurmukh Kaur who was

protesting Amitabh bacchan on

bearing Olympic

Torch in Soutyhwark-London. Amitabh

Bachhan is a noted perpetrator of Sikh

genocide of 1984. He is responsible for

more then 20,000 murders of Sikhs in

whole India by his instigation to

Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs.

So when this mass murderer was

invited to a historical event, the Sikhs in

UK made a

protest. The pictures were published


shared on net. On picture of this


this Hindu Police officer wrote a

comment as----WHAT A FIGURE...?

Is this the reward she got from her

homeland and where her roots belong

to by a fanatic Hindu Police Officer? It


that this Police officer approves the the

murders of innocent Sikhs by given the

hatred call by Amitabh Bacchan.

How the Sikhs throughout world

should react, how the women

organizations in Punjab state and in

center reacts or take action is to be

seen but i request the Sikh lawyers/

organizations/elected bodies like

DSGMC/SGPC should demand a stern

action of defamation of a Sikh woman

and persue the state govt. to take a

stern action against this guilty Police

officer who dared to dishonor a Sikh

woman on a

social network site Facebook read

throughout world and whose viewers

are in

millions. www.facebook.com/rajesh.malhotra.90


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sorry guys, but these ppl toy around with our emotions.

"wat a figure"? is that wat the mughals/afghans sed 2 his janani ancestors wen they were bein taken away at will?

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Man, these lemmings would jump in a pile of feces for their beloved Amitabh.

u kno wat makes me laugh, is how amitabh butcher was angry n criticized danny boyle for depictin poverty n dirt and lets b honest a true reflection of india in slumdog millionaire. LOL he didnt like the truth about dirtystan, and isnt it funny, that FINALLY the world got 2 c the true face of india in a film, and it happened 2 b an indian film, NOT made by bollywood, but outsiders. Danny boyle showed, poverty, hindu riotin vs muslims in mumbai 92', n the police jus standin n watchin it and corrupt humans. Yet amitabh probably is disapponted that they didnt show a 18 yr old "sanjay" or "rahul" drivin 2 a mumbai college, with a ferrari, churpsin a girl n singin around a bush.

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I recorded this with a screen recorder and will edi and upload it to YouTube in a week. He also disrespects shaheed Singhs.

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