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The Different Pahts And Their Meanings

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Japji sahib – obtaining bhramgyaan

Jaap sahib – namaskaar to akaal purukh

Tva prasad svayie – developing bairaag

chaupai sahib – benti to akaal purukh

Anand sahib – experiencing the anand of jeevan mukhti

Rehraas sahib – obtaining sachkhand

Kirtan sohila – eradicating bad dreams

Sukhmani sahib – One average a human takes 24000 breaths each day and sukhmani sahib contains 24000 letters. Therefore reading sukhmani sahib makes the each breath fruitful and gives the mind peace.

For further information, please read Khalsa Jeevan by Sant Kartar Singh Ji (page 221)

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Just to add:

Asa Di Vaar - Cuts your chaurasi (84 lakh joon)

Chandi Di Vaar - "Pher Na Jooni Aayaa Jin Eh Gaayaa" (You will not take birth again)

Shastar Naam Mala - Can give you control of Divine weapons

Shabad Hazare - Equivalent of doing paath of 1000 shabads

I'm sure there are many more...

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