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I have been thinking about having this for some time. What are your opinions on this? Have you or anyone you know ever had it? What were their experiences?

Is is dangerous. Should certain things be best forgotten? Maybe, but maybe remembering such things and processing them with compassion (through regression therapy) would do good and maybe resolve things that are going on now?

What are your thoughts?

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These things are a hoax. Nobody can tell you what you what you were in yor past life. Only God knows this. Even if you were to figure this out, it wouldn't help your Sikhi in any way.

Concentrate on this life, and make jivan mukhti your end goal.

Gurbani says...

Aasaa, Fifth Mehla:

This human body has been given to you.

This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe.

Nothing else will work.

Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam. ||1||

Make every effort to cross over this terrifying world-ocean.

You are squandering this life uselessly in the love of Maya. ||1||Pause||

I have not practiced meditation, self-discipline, self-restraint or righteous living.

I have not served the Holy; I have not acknowledged the Lord, my King.

Says Nanak, my actions are contemptible!

O Lord, I seek Your Sanctuary; please, preserve my honor! ||2||4||

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Past Life regression is not a hoax. There has been plenty of evidence that backs it up. Of course, there are scams out there or even 'false memories' (when the person makes something up without knowing it rather than remembering a genuine past experience). These memories are stored deep in the mind somewhere. These can be accessed through hypnosis and guidance.

I don't know if I agree with you. Maybe it could help someone with certain issues. Once and if these are resolved, maybe that person could be bought closer to spirituality and Sikhi.

What do others think?

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For longest time, i also wanted to know the past life but i came to understanding - sikhi encourages whatever happened in the past life- don't pay much attention to it that the human life is precious and we got this human life after countless of reincarnations of various animals/ghost/spirits etc..So we need to appreciate this human life and keep moving fwd for milaap with vahiguroo and keep doing good karams.

There is a reason why kids after age of two forget all about their past life naturally so human can go fwd. I think knowing your past life may sometimes solves dilemma and riddle battling with one's mind but for the most part it just open whole lot of can of worms which you may not be able to handle (don't ask for something which you cannot handle..!!) ..one also will start living in the past rather than present.!!! For eg- if one goes through 100 past lives through regression, there are major chances one will start living in the past than present or future..!!

So yeah in short- don't ask for something which you cannot handle..!!!

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No harm in reading about it (other peoples experiences and the science/research behind it), Dr Weiss is an expert about it. Whether or not you go and have a regression from a specialist is a different matter, but nothing wrong with reading this book below as the link it shows with the message in bani is amazing....


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Guest pratannanak

it depends on you level of understanding,,only you can answer that, in your simran you may see things of your last life....it may be "bad" or "good",, this is a very deep vichaar that can take hours if not days, nevermind a forum comment....just remember everything is karam, and regardless of previous lives you are here because of your karam...

its a difficult subject because sometimes your simran of your previous life can progress your tapasiya but also vice vera.. very sensitive subject.. but no matter your previous or future body, you will always be atma/jiv atma...(aim=your jiv atma which reflects itself to parmatma) so in your present life put your dyan to the present bliss or akaal purkh....

also generallyy, your past actions in body form may be shown to you in your dyan for you to undertsand your present karm, good or bad..

sometimes when people have such bad karm they feel "why is this happening to me etc.." therefore past life actions is shown to them,with the grace of akaal purkh, parmatma , to let them know why are things the way they are.. its all parmatmas grace..

the subject you touched on is very deep, just take what you need for your journey...satnaam

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It's bullsh**. Unless the person telling you about your past life is a Brahmgiani which I highly doubt.

Follow the basics, you don't need anything else.

Too many fraudsters out there.

Oh dear. Why don't you actually research it before making such a statement? Regressions are where the patient experiences the past life and more often than not the people involved have not reached the high state of being a brahmgiani. Does this make it wrong? Does it make it wrong if following a Sikh lifestyle? Research it and find out, these are great questions to ask, don't simply brush them off by saying 'follow the basics', when people come out with big questions it's good....by following up and researching topics like this (without actually taking a regression- just reading about it, or speaking to other people about it) you can understand your Sikhi to an even deeper level as it deals with concepts that are mentioned throughout bani.


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what concepts does regression therapy deal with?

I have always felt that although i dont think its bad to find out yur previous life thre may be a reason that we dont rememeber...

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