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UPDATE: Private Security Company were known to Singhs, they have been approached and have now pulled out for tomorrow.

The Gurdwara committee are passing messages that marriage is cancelled.

The committee have proved to be corrupt and liars, so this may be a diversion tactic

THEREFORE, Khalsa Fauja traveling from far should not come.

Everyone else is still urged to go ensure:

1. Sham Anand Karaj is definitely off.

2. Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not taken to the Party hall instead

3. The corrupt Gurdwara committee is confronted and sent a strong message that the Sangat will not tolerate corruption in our Guru Ghars.

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theres sham anand karaj happening all the time just because both couples are of punjabi origin does not make them sikh.Why no one stops these marriages. If some happens to be punjabi they can have anand karaj even if they have no intention of following sikhi let alone ever go to the gurdwara ever again. They do not even have singh or kaur in the name as is required but thats ok.

Infact if one person is of non punjabi sikh background you will find they most probably have more knowledge of sikhi and have researched sikhi thanthe average punajbi.

chalo talibanise sikhi,

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This is not our gurus hukam, come on putting singh or kaur on your id does not make you a sikh but then its ok to have anand karaj. Most of the time you need to get married then you can change yor surname but change by deed poll and your a sikh and can have anad karaj if your born in punjabi sikh family but have no religious idea and no singh or kaur in your id you can get married. What a STUPID prerequiste.

BTW there was no driving licence passport etc. in gurus time but to get married before the guru as long as it includes singh or kaur your ok. <banned word filter activated>!

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Following Protest today by Sangat, the Anand Karaj was cancelled.


Sangat spoke to both families concerned in a peaceful and respectful way.

  1. The Brides’ family had approached another Gurdwara first who refused the wedding due to it being inter-faith.
  2. Ajmer Basra President of the Gurdwara, saw this as an opportunity when the family came to him. He had no-intention of following or implementing Akal Thakt Hukam.
  3. Basra owns the Civic centre which was booked as part of the package, where the Hindu Part of the wedding and pooja took place, without disruption.
  4. Basra used his links with a security company later on to book them too. Charging the family even more money. Security Co pulled out when they knew the circumstances.
  5. When other members of the committee spoke up, he expelled them from the committee. (3 members)
  6. Once speaking to the families and explaining to them,

i) Significance of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahara
ii) Maryada for Anand Karaj
Both families agreed that the Anand Karaj was not appropriate for them and they wished the Gurdwara had explained to them before hand to save them the headache of rearranging their day.

Ajmer Basra has openly told people they have made over £50K in hosting these types of weddings over the last couple of years.

This man is bringing our religious institutions into disrepute, causing heartache to families and wasting police time and resources.

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This is not our gurus hukam, come on putting singh or kaur on your id does not make you a sikh but then its ok to have anand karaj. Most of the time you need to get married then you can change yor surname but change by deed poll and your a sikh and can have anad karaj if your born in punjabi sikh family but have no religious idea and no singh or kaur in your id you can get married. What a STUPID prerequiste.

This is a good argument, and I have been thinking more about this sandesh from Sri Akal Takht Sahib recently. There was a wedding recently between 2 chamar families, and neither bride or groom had singh/kaur in their names, but Pal and kumari. But both were Sikhs, they called themselves sikhs, and a few in the wedding party were Sardars as well.

But the fact is as per sandesh of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, they should not have had their wedding allowed, because as with majority chamars, they dont use singh/kaur in their names.

Then we move onto chamar gurdwaras, do they follow sandesh of Sri Akal Takht Sahib? No. they dont even consider themselves as a community to be sikhs. so what if they carry on the way they have been, and start picking up the weddings that have been barred from other gurdwaras?

Also what if someone is a Sehajdhari sikh? they dont use the name Singh/kaur? But they beleive in the principles of Sikhi?

I think that there has been a reaction to mixed marriages but we have gone about it the wrong way. Do we really need people to show passports/driving licenses? I know that many of my cousins dont use the name Singh, EVER. and i would be surprised if they had singh on their passports but they if they went to the gurdwara they could get married tomorrow.

I think this knee-jeerk reaction has probably created more problems that it solves.

i could be wrong though.

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Please re-read the sandesh.. it says "if the either the groom or bride is NOT Sikh" .. i.e. if they follow or associate themselves with a different faith, then they must embrace the Sikh faith first and then he/she will be eligible for Anand Karaj..

As a sign of their commitment to the pursuit of Sikhi they are to change their name.

If the couple both have originally identified or followed the Sikhi as their only faith..then these conditions are not necessarily applicable.

Yes, there are many loopholes to this, But, this is to fundamentally avoid scenarios like today, where there was 2 weddings, an Anand Karaj followed by a Hindu.

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The Marayda for Anand Karaj stems back to all original rehtnameh.. including Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharajs hukkams. All Paratan Marayadas are in agreement in the fundamental, i.e. Anand Karaj is for Sikhs.

There are conditions such as keshdari only, other sampardhiays will marry Amritdharis only, some originals put more emphasis on the Parents to marry their daughter to a Singh(which some may class as sexist now).

In essence the current Akal Thakt Marayda is heavily watered down.

It's up to the Gurdwaras how to implement it correctly, in a justified manner,

i) preserving the Sanctity of the Anand Karaj

ii) respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji

ii) Being intelligent enough to understand the consequent exponential decline of Sikhi in our youth if young people are exposed to these weddings week in week out, making it socially accepted in our religious institutions.

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Procedure that was initiated by Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Luton 2008, to implement the Akal Thakt Guidelines Fairly.

If couple want to marry via Anand Karaj, they must both come in around the same time as the initial booking, for one-to-one Sikhi sessions with an appointed "Anand Karaj Advisor" - REGARDLESS OF NAME, CASTE, CREED, COLOUR, MONA OR KESHDHARI.

In these bite-size sessions the basic concepts of Sikhi are taught.

Requirements on the day, amongst others:

Requires the groom and bride not to have any intoxicants in the body (stag night, the night before are very common)

Languar must be eaten at the Gurdwara before sangat leave. (sangat normally undermine the languar for the afterparty)

At the end of the sessions a declaration is required by bride and groom.

This is counter signed by the "Anand Karaj Advisor" who once is satisfied that the couple are committed to the pursuit of Sikhi, allows the marriage to be booked.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara Luton

Sri Anand Karaj Ceremony booking

I …………………..(name) have chosen to be wedded at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Luton via the sacred Sri Anand Karaj ceremony because I declare myself a Sikh.

• I have completed the pre wedding Sikhi Sessions

• My utmost faith is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

• I follow no other Religion nor worship any other beings.

• I am familiar with the translations and protocol of the Anand Karaj

• I will endeavour to preserve the sanctity of the Anand Karaj, as per guidelines explained to me.

• I understand the importance of taking Amrit and becoming a Khalsa.

• If I have children in the future I will raise them as Sikhs.

• My commitment to the Pursuit of Sikhi is verified by my passport and driving licence with Singh or Kaur – as required by Akal Tatkt maryda.

Signed……………………………. Name……………………….. Date

Verified: by Gurdwara Anand Karaj booking secretary

Signed…………………………….. Name……………………….Date…………


• one rule for all... no bias on names, or extra allowance for being Punjabi.

• At the same time anyone who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, by changing his name to singh/kaur can be easily detected and refused be the advisor who has the final say.

• The couple are taught one-to-one Sikhi - great opportunity for parchar - at critical moment in their lives

• Prevents apneh also abusing Anand karaj. - making sure they know they are supposed to learn anand Karaj, not have intoxications in their body, eat languar etc etc.

• Enforces Akal Thakt Maryada in a fair way

• Gives the Anand Karaj "Value".. not given out cheaply to anyone willy-nilly

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Thanks sarabhapanjab ji, that does make it somwhat clearer. but is it really the best solution?

The thing you have posted about luton gurdwara getting the couple to go on a "SIkhi" course is spomething that i advocated a long time ago, for ALL families even if they are born as Sikhs or not. That is the best way to go, because if someone has rejected Guru Granth Sahib then there is no point in doing Anand Karaj.

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