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Schools with Sikhs in Birmingham?


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this is completely off topic, but is that some kind of ghost in the middle of your picture? :O


Lol i don't think Ghosts/Spirits etc would dare to go to Sachkhand do you? :p

There is a Guru Nanak Academy for High school students in Smethwick and there is a Nishkam High on Soho Road. There is also a new primary school named Anand Primary which is gonna open in Wolverhampton next year or so.

Oh Thanks mate

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I used to live there many years ago.

There are lots of Sikhs in B'ham - there are a decent number of Sikh kids in most schools. Avoid schools that are sullah dominated - not an issue in Great Barr though.

Out of interest - why not just choose a school with good academic records? I would reccommend Sutton Girls and QMGS - both easily within reach from you via public transport if the kids will be travelling themselves. Consider the private sector if your finances allow.

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