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Results from Higher School Certificate - someone help

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I got my results from my Higher School Certificate today.... they are horrible.

I was expecting somewhere in the mid 90's, but all my marks are in the high 70's to low 80's.

I honestly dont understand, I worked really hard for this. I didn't do too great in the external exams, but this is rock bottom!

I believe I am a decent Sikh, I have never really committed a kurehat, I do my paath and simran daily. I have yet to chakk amrit, but I try to follow the path of a Gursikh on a daily basis.

I got an ardaas done at the Gurudwara for my results, did 201 jaaps of Chaupee sahib and numerous other paaths and ardaas.

I know that I shouldnt have expected much, but I seeked the help of my guru, and I felt really close to Whaguru for once. I felt as though all my problems were miniscule and would wash away in an instance with my guru by my side.

Someone please provide me with some guidance, I have taken a hukamnama which has consoled me to an extent, but I need someone to help me understand, because at the moment, I feel very disheartened.

I know this is just a 'number' and just a facet of Maya, but knowing that Waheguru is so great, and considering I worked hard both in my studies and spiritually, I am wondering why this has happened... must be my karam :((

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First of all dearest _lost_ Jee, I congratulate you that you didnt fail but passed with marks in high 70s to low 80s. This itself is an achievement even though you did not get 90s as you had expected.

We have to show humbleness and thank God for what He gives us. None of the prayers you have done will ever go to waste because God rewards your prayers not the way you want but how He wants and God is greater than you and knows better. Your situation is better than you think. There are millions of people your age around the world who cannot afford or are not allowed to get education. There are so many who would have failed their exams and hardly got 10s or 20s compared to your 70s and 80s.

So Gurujee has not abandoned you. A million different things could have happened so you fail your exams like a mental breakdown or accident or illness but did not happen because Gurujee protected you. So you need to be thanking Gurujee in appreciation.

This is not the end, but the beginning of your studies. If you carry on, you will go to university where you could one day do a PhD etc so there is nothing to cry about. Now is a time to do shukrane de ardas i.e ardas of thanksgiving. Once you get on your next education step, post on here or pm me for advice as to how to make sure you can achieve what you are targeting for. I had a similar experience like you at one of the steps in my education but made changes and changed tactic so I would score what I aimed for. My A level results were like yours, but I had a first class honours for my first degree three years later! Now you need to be thanking God for answering your prayers and helping you to not fail but pass with grades which are rather good in my understanding.

So do not be disheartened and Gurujee IS with you, and do not start blaming your karma. Start working out your next step as to what are the next studies you need to do and apply straightaway. Post details of your next studies once you get accepted on here, and you will get advice as to how to achieve your educational achievement targets precisely without needing to leave it to luck or chance.

Also I just realised your status is as a guest. Why not join this very neutral and inspiring Sikh youth website. After all it is free and there is plenty you can gain from here and make many many new wonderful friends.

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Kid, I didn't get good scores in School simply because guys sitting in front & back weren't scholars. Otherwise I too would have got good grades :-) Never the less God had a back up plan. One of my friends dad was an ex-chairman of a top college. He got me in ! So don't get into nitty-gritty, God must have planned something better. Just be patient.

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I was once told that you don't do deals with God as you have nothing that he needs. While it is commendable that you did your Jaap, and it undoubtedly will be of benefit to you in this life and beyond, it may not be wise to consider Mahraj to be bound to a deal that WE are doing and setting the value (amount of jaap) of.

I don't say this to discourage you at all, and again, well done for your discipline, but your educational success is a completely different issue. I can relate to what you are going through. I too sat up all night studying. I studied with people who I considered smarter than me to make sure I got it and still they did much better than I did. It was very frustrating but the answer was staring me in the face the whole time. My friends were studying because they loved the subjects and had goals for the future. I was studying because of familial pressure to pursue certain career options that weren't close to my heart.

Its much harder to fail at something we care about. Perhaps the hidden blessing here is that it gives you the opportunity to take stock. Ask which direction you are going in, which subjects do you love most, how would you like to see yourself making your living? Put money, cars, marriage and houses all to one side and just ask "what would I love to do everyday?"

If you can answer this question, you will be well on the way to turning it all around, and may even one day thank Mahraj for the signal that it was time to rethink things. I know for sure that I did once I had finally figured it out.

Keep up with the Jaap and follow your heart in your studies and vocation, but remember, Jaap for the love of Mahraj, we can't do a deal with he who's door we go to begging, and he who mercifully gives us so much :)

Mahraj made you unique and blessed you with unique gifts and talents. Make sure you honour those gifts and you will succeed.

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