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Are there any example in sikhi where life span can be increased with Gurbani/Ardaas

Guest sikh

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Saadh sangat ji,

Are there any examples in history where the life of person can be increased with Gurbani . Or its not possible at all.

I know that Guru Sahib are capable of doing anything but i want to know if thats possible or not.

Quite a few months ago i am geeting weired feeling that i will die soon. I am bit wooriied not because i will die but whatwill happen to my mother and wife.

On the top of that i was installing the astrology software and based on me and my wife Kundli . It says wife is manglink and there is a possibility of death of one of us. So i think now i have very less chance to deny the fact.

Although Gursikhi denies the Kundli and Kundli can't be 100% correct. But i think its better to accept the truth rather than waiting for miracle to happen.

So i was thinlking provided i have less time. is there any way to incrrease it or not

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I'm sorry but we can't help you here. This is predestined, reading Gurbani and gaining the happiness of God by acting on Gurbani is the only way that predestined date can be changed. Only through his will. Now the issue with what you're saying is you have read based on some astrology software. Sikhi does not agree with this.

Infact if it was a Sikh in your position he wouldn't think anything of it, heck even if the software said you were going to get cancer in a week or two's time.. Would make no difference.

All this kind of stuff and supersticous stuff does not affect Sikhs, we wash our hair on Tuesday, we wash it on Saturday. We cut our nails at night, we buy what we want on Saturday. Every day is the same and we don't care about how the stars are aligned because in the end we are under the will of God.

Sorry for being blunt but when I see this kind of thing linked to Sikh's in any way it infuriates me.

Read bani, help others and leave the rest to the will of God. This may sound bitter but it is the only honest advice I have. Anything else would be a lie.

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Dearest -sikh_ Jee,

First of all, at a human level my humble ardas to Gurujee is, that may God, according to his Divine Will, grant you a long life as a very highly inspired Amritdhari Gurmukh who spends his life in the sewa of Khalsa Panth.

A Sikh's relationship with death is very unique. A Sikh is always in a state of preparedness for death. That is why we live a life different from those who live in maya as manmukhs, just living selfishly, and focussing self-servingly, on worldly things and the desires of their minds. Death comes as Gurbani says, suddenly upon such people like an eagle quietly flying down to grab its victim from the ground. Such people are visited by the demons of death i.e jamdoot in a frightening manner.

Death for a Sikh/Gurmukh comes in the form of a heavenly invitation sent usually ahead to go to 'Amarapuri'' or the realm of heaven/God etc. ''so sikh amarapuri meh jae'. Gurbani describes this invitation as ''gurmukh sdeh jae, aavn ghliah''. Becoming an amritdharee, always doing nitnem and living a full-on gurmukh style life of getting up at amritvela and doing nitnem, simran etc is an important part of being prepared at all times. Indulge daily in the mission for which you received your human body i.e to meet God so you are constantly prepared for the moment of departure according to God's Will. A Sikh does never fear death, rather celebrates death. Bhagat Kabir says, that death that the world fears, is a joy to my mind because through such a death do we meet the God of supreme bliss.

Concerning what the impact of death would have on your dependents this is very tricky because you never know what is in store for anyone close to you according to their past karma and God's Will etc. There is a person I helped a lot who was from a very poor family who today drives a Bentley. Nobody would have expected this very poor child to one day become so wealthy as that. All you can do at a human level is to ensure you have life assurance/insurance in place for those who depend on you. As far as possible ensure that anybody close to you has a job and income. A man I knew who was a lawyer made his wife study and pass her A levels and then do a degree in law too and soon after she became a lawyer, he suddenly died of a heart attack. As a lawyer she was able to continue staying in their huge house and paying the bills and even managed to send her children for further studies in the UK. So always ensure you have things in place so as not to be caught out. One of my neighbours recently married his girlfriend of 25 years! because he wanted to make sure she as a wife could inherit his property etc if he suddenly died. So whether or not you die you must make sure you have things in place for your dependents. Make sure you have a joint bank account with your wife, mother etc so if you died they can still access money immediately, if not it all goes to probate. Likewise prepare an updated Will. And always save.

As concerning astrology our dear brother Jagga has already explained clearly above, that Sikhs do not dabble in such things. So please do not dilute your faith in Sikhism, and live a speculative form of existence. Immediately delete any form of astrological software and delete from your brains any belief in stars and astrology. In your heart do an ardas to Gurujee to forgive you for letting such things come in your life. One of my closest friends is a white Norwegian and even he has completely rejected such things from his life as he is beginning to become a Sikh now. You as a punjabee Sikh, born in a Sikh family have even more reasons to.

So, dearest brother, you must learn to alter the way you think about life. Life is given and taken by God according to His time, and His Supreme Pleasure. Really, it is none of your business but God's as to how long you will live. Your job is to surrender your life to God and Guru, and wake up at amritvela everyday and do your prayers and beg God to bless you and your family with long life, Sikhi, chardikela, etc. There is nothing wrong in asking God anything that is in your heart but always ask God to grant you things according to His Bhana i.e Will.

Also, you have to take responsibility for your health and safety too. So make sure you are going to a gym absolutely regularly, burning off your fat, and get your doctor to do an MOT on you to check your cholesterol levels, vitamin D, kidney and liver function tests, full blood count, blood pressure etc. I don't know if you drink alcohol, but if you do, remember drugs, drinking and smoking all can cause huge diseases, so they should be stopped and avoided. Make sure your family all eat a healthy diet and drink fresh fruit juice, cut down on fatty foods etc. Drive safely too. A hall mark of a Sikh is to have a healthy diet, be physically very active, moderated in habits and being careful. Carelessness can cost life.

So, cast off all worry and speculative thinking. A Sikh is not one who indulges in such. On the reverse a Sikh strives to live in chardikela i.e bubbling rising, dynamic, motivated, positive, joyful spirits all the time, making every passing moment a heaven in itself. And God is great. He can give life, take life, extend life, increase life, decrease life. I have seen all this happening to people before my eyes. So do not worry as to what God cannot do. He can do anything. You need to worry about stopping to worry. Focus on pleasing God. Let God decide what He wants to give you as you please Him more and more.

So you need to overhaul your thinking. Instead of living your life thinking of your death, focus your life on busying your mind and life on becoming a very blessed Gurmukh, and serving the panth. Be an amritdharee. Step up your prayers and simran. Do plenty of sewa at your local gurudwara. Read and understand Gurbani. Fill your mind with beautiful knowledge about Sikhism. Invite Panj Pyaras to your house and prepare for them nice langar and get them to do an ardas for you and your family. Likewise, arrange a nice satsang in your house with friends and family where Sukhmani Sahib is read and kirtan and simran and ardas are performed.

Fill your life and mind, not with thoughts about death, but with thoughts about God. May you live with a big smile on your face, always blossoming with anand.

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Of course your life span increases with gurbani !!!!

I know for a fact that I was supposed to be dead nearly two years ago !!!

I'm still HERE !!!!!

You have two choices, ypu can either follow the astrolgy, vedic janam patras, kundlis and all that.... OR you can live with the DIVINE HUKAM as a SIKH.


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You're not kidding, are you bhaji?

(Is it possible you could share something about it...please :buzzbee: )

Sure, I was clinically dead at the scene of a terrible accident. After a month in a coma, I woke up against all odds !!

Every living moment is a blessing and a gurbani given extension for me to better myself and hopefully to die with naam in the coming future. As far as I see it, I was not ready to die back then as there was no naam and no kamayee,

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Sure, I was clinically dead at the scene of a terrible accident. After a month in a coma, I woke up against all odds !!

Every living moment is a blessing and a gurbani given extension for me to better myself and hopefully to die with naam in the coming future. As far as I see it, I was not ready to die back then as there was no naam and no kamayee,

Waheguru! :waheguru:

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Many people do not know why we prayer. Some people think we pray to get jewels, money, long life. This is not directly true. You only get things if you apply the teachings of the prayers into your real life.

We essentially pray to clean our mind, to learn something new, to remind us of the guru's teaching. This becomes more important as we age because in life bad things happen to us or unfair circumstance may come our way that we become negative in thoughts and can become cynical and cold hearted. An example might be that people you've had your mobile phone stolen therefore you one day find a mobile phone and keep it because someone stole yours anyway. Praying however will destroy this negativity by reminding us of the truth that we believed in as a child.

As a consequence of praying and destroying the negativity you start following the truth ie truthful living. It is only by truthful living that potential jewels and things like a longer life span are obtained. Let me give you an example. Sikhism teaches us to be vegetarian - some people know this but do not follow - those that follow it will live life on a truthful living and the consequences are that they are healthier and live longer. Another example could be sikhism teaches us to forgive, those people who forgive are happier and therefore don't waste time in grudges and can focus their time on other important tasks in their life rather than wasting time gossiping and thinking about revenge.

Praying is therefore cleansing the mind....however praying on its own is useless....you have to understand and apply the teachings.

Now about your situation. You seem superstitious to me because your kundli has said something and now you feel like something is going to happen. Sikhs don't believe in Kundli's so I would let go of that feeling and start living a truthful life and then you will see that all the sikh teachings adding up to little improvements in your life and this will enable you to reach your goals.

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Sure, I was clinically dead at the scene of a terrible accident. After a month in a coma, I woke up against all odds !!

Every living moment is a blessing and a gurbani given extension for me to better myself and hopefully to die with naam in the coming future. As far as I see it, I was not ready to die back then as there was no naam and no kamayee,

Take guru jis Amrit if you haven't.Waheguru will be so happy.

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Saadh sangat ji bahut bahut dhanwad. i will definitely try to remove my doubts and will try to do as much sewa and simran as possible. If possible,do ardass fo me that i remove my superstitious doubts from my mind and love GOD

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