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What bani to read when you found out you are pregnant?

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Any bani will help you. The more you read the better off you are. Any gandh that a person puts into their mind, such as from tv, may also be harmful to the baby spiritually. Gyani Thakur Singh ji once mentioned in his katha that if the mother reads at least 5 Japji sahibs a day then no matter how far from Sikhi that child goes in this janam, he or she will still come back to Sikhi in the same janam.

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Guest SikhFamilyLife

I realize this post is pretty old, however it comes up when searching for what bani to read when pregnant. 

Love all the answers here! There's actually a whole post about this very question on the blog Sikh Family Life - click on this link (https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/2020/03/bania-to-do-when-pregnant/) or search for it on the site itself! 

Blessings to all! 

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