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"Bhullar likely to be hanged secretly"

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I am unsure as to what to make of this news...security has obviously been stepped up in Punjab as a number of reports are coming through confirming this. Police presence has been increased in cities like Jalandhar and Amritsar, and the Akali party has asked for army presence in punjab as per unconfirmed reports.

Does this mean that the execution is likely to happen in the next few days? What can be done? Who can directly intervene? Organisations such as Amnesty International clearly hold no weight in this issue. I feel like the only avenue is pressure on the Punjab govt and Indian govt...whether that be via the Akal Takhat or other international govts...but we don't have much time. We really need to act fast...are the Sikhs in Punjab even aware of this? I have not seen any news about protests there as was in the case of Balwant Singh Rajoana?

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@SikhsForJustice Both Badals have fled Punjab.. The paramilitary have been called in.. Police checkpoints r being setup, B4 Bhullar's state murder

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At least it's reassuring that Badal is at least faking he cares. That means he doesn't completely neglect all sentiments of actual Sikhs.

He's really, really cautious and knows how to be a crooked statesman.

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The paramilitary have been called in.. Police checkpoints r being setup, B4 Bhullar's state murder

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Speculation-over-possible-secret-hanging-of-Bhullar-BSF-deployed-in-Punjab/articleshow/19571225.cms

Speculation over possible secret hanging of Bhullar;

BSF deployed in Punjab

Yudhvir Rana & I P Singh | Apr 16, 2013, 04.53 AM IST

AMRITSAR/JALANDHAR: With speculations rife over the "planned secret hanging" of Devinderpal Singh Bhullar, whose plea for commuting death sentence into life imprisonment was recently rejected by the Supreme Court, the BSF has been deployed in Punjab on the request of the state government.

Apprehending law and order problems in Punjab if Bhullar is hanged, two companies each of BSF have been deployed in Amritsar and Ludhiana and one company has been stationed near Jalandhar.

BSF inspector general Aditya Mishra told TOI on Monday that they had provided five companies of BSF to the Punjab government following a request made on April 14.

He, however, denied commenting on why the BSF companies have been demanded by Punjab government.

Sources said the government has also told BSF to go slow on deployment in order not to create panic among residents.

Reacting to the deployment of BSF, Sikh radical organization Dal Khalsa's spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh said, "I don't understand what the state government is anticipating. On the one hand chief minister P S Badal is meeting the Prime Minister for commuting death sentence of Bhullar while on the other, they are creating panic by deploying BSF."

While the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has announced that it would seek presidential review of Bhullar's mercy petition, Laxmi Kanta Chawla, vice-president of its alliance partner BJP, said on Monday that the law should take its own course.

"Not only the President has turned down Bhullar's mercy petition but the Supreme Court has also rejected his appeal. So let the law take its course now," said Chawla.

Meanwhile, wife of Devinderpal Singh Bhullar, Navneet Kaur, who met Bhullar in a Delhi hospital on Monday, said that she also suspected that the government might hang him secretly.

"Like many others, I also fear that government may hang him quietly. If that happened, it will be very cruel and inhumane," added Kaur.

Meanwhile, Jalandhar police commissioner Gaurav Yadav said on Monday that the district has received one company of BSF.

However, senior police officials revealed that instructions to avoid appearing in overdrive in deployment of paramilitary forces have been issued to avoid panic.

"The state government doesn't want to appear over-reactive to the situation as any rumour could disturb peace in such a volatile atmosphere,' said a senior police official.

However, patrolling by Punjab Police has also been increased.

Police officials held that the state home department did not want to take any chance as in March last year, the state witnessed sudden and massive upsurge in protests as Beant Singh assassin Balwant Singh Rajoana's hanging was fixed, but delayed subsequently.

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    • Why not ask him ?ūü§∑ūüŹĹ
    • because like USA we have had the slow-witted whipped up into a racist frenzy by the words of the 'leader'¬† of the current government. Basically we are all cursed by the¬† anglosaxon thickness driving the agenda , they think they are a pure white nation under white genocide its laughable but dangerous.
    • Its because theres selfhate in the Punjabi community. Theyll accept the attention of others over their own support
    • Why are these kinds of things always happening in the UK, which has such a large Sikh presence?
    • my parents' generation and my grands generations would have given 'what for ' to anyone disrespecting sikhi, females , family institutions¬† and interfering with their sikhi , I myself fought to keep the whiteys and kaley at bayand their influence¬† but my kid bro and sis are not so bothered defending sikhi , the bro just younger than me is stubbornly sikh in look and behaviour in that he will not trim or allow his kids to trim kesh or allow anyone to talk ish about sikhi even if he is not a gurdwara goer , his Indian 'Rani'(as he refers to her is always on at trying to remove the kids' kesh and dastars which he gives her the big NO!)Thankfully because she has some sikhi awareness she has the mistrust of musley , gorey¬† , sis and her hubby are typical punjabi couple more invested in gaane shaane than sikhi but they are learning , kid bro looks the sikh¬† biz as does his wife but they are major coconuts and look down on everyone else in family as we do not fit their narrow judgey ideas about sikhi¬† but they would be easy to roll over on their prejudices if we were gorey, kaley sikhs¬† where everything is maaf . Remember that yoga ashram in Germany that did mool mantar flooring install on a staircase , rest of family agreed was terrible and needed sorting straight away them two did even bat an eyelid 'it's OK it's because they didn't know ' well the accompanying press release by the owners stated that they knew how important and holy it was that's why they installed it .... Need some major anti-cocnutting strategy of our youth to survive this constant dripdripdrip erosion of sikh values ...
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