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Shaking While Meditating?

Guest ...Desii...

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Guest ...Desii...

This was the first time i got really deep with my meditation, i felt extreme bliss but before that i started shaking, like my feet were shaking and my legs were shaking even my hands started abit, i could stop it but it just felt natural to me so i let it happen! Would just like to know if any of the sangat here has expierenced this before ? Is it true u need a guide if u want to go deeper in meditating like my friend told me u could leave ur body and other entities can enter ur body? I was doing basic waheguru naam simran!

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no you do not need a guide absolutely not, there are plenty of examples that show you do not need a guide...in fact looking for a guide just perputuates this sant baba/bibi brahmgiani economy in india

a simple search would have bought up numerous topics around this issue

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Guest Manpreet singh

The vibrations are the sensation of the Lord's presence purifying your soul and body, yes you can leave your body, but no other entity cannot enter you while you do simran, because akal purkh himself saves and protects you while you meditate on him, even if a 100 ft tsunami pops up, or any ghost/pret tries to harm you. I read a sakhi in which a jogi tried to attack a Sikh doing mool mantar with ghosts, but the ghosts could not approach and in fear fled before even reaching him.

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Guest Truth

Naam Simran should be done respecting and therefore applying the Gyan of Truth.

Nirboah and Nirvair are the laws of Truth as well as never telling a lie.

Truth is not about protection- as if u apply the psychology of Nirvair- that God is everyone and everything including ghosts, angels,demons, your slander, your friend- and the automatic nirboah that comes with it from recognising god as all and not fearing him in any costume he appears in- what can harm u?

Do naam simran in peace- relax, listen to the anhad naad(symbolic reflection of the primal sound-(as the reality lies in nothing- na roop na rang na rekh)and no sound!) which is the gentle ringing sound-with no thought or pre-conception of how the spiritual experiences should look or even feel.

Samadhi is shutting your mind up so that eventually u just Feel within your being.

Your shaking was indeed your body being purified, you felt the Amrit from your Chakras spinning- but real purity is in the heart-someone with a heart that accepts and practices truth has a pure heart.

God bless you

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This was the first time i got really deep with my meditation, i felt extreme bliss but before that i started shaking, like my feet were shaking and my legs were shaking even my hands started abit, i could stop it but it just felt natural to me so i let it happen! Would just like to know if any of the sangat here has expierenced this before ? Is it true u need a guide if u want to go deeper in meditating like my friend told me u could leave ur body and other entities can enter ur body? I was doing basic waheguru naam simran!

eventually a stage comes when you do need a guide, but i believe circumstances will be created to connect you with one when you need it. i wouldn't worry about it. shaking happens to me to, its normal.

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Bhai sahib ji, leaving ur body, just like shaktiman used to show in tv, is a complete different topic.

Its called astral projection

U need to practice it during sleep time, there is a small moment of time when we are at the stage of rem(rapid eye moment), that time exactly when we are about to enter sleep stage, but we r in awake stage.

This is a different topic to willingly separate ur soul from body, and its quite pissible and true also.

When u leave ur body, u are always connected via a silver chord to the physical body, u cannot leave it for ever.

Similarly, the negative entities(also called vadrooh or bhoot) can capture ur body, yes they can, but again that is not a car or truck that someone can capture, its universe made by satguru ji, so no one can possess ur body without satgurus permission.

The heavy vibrations that u felt, if continue to shake ur body for few more seconds( and u dnt move ur arm or leg to itch), it could be a earlier stage to just separate ur soul from the body.

Nd after few more seconds, u can see ur body from outside, nd it will be the most scary thing u will ever see.

Mreekan lok practice this topic, they have written myriads of book on astral projection, with different technique and music frequencies. They are going really deep into it. But they use it for peace of mind as they consider, a person who experience a different dimension will never fit into the old used dimension, they use it to get knowledge of oceans and planets, they can travel via soul.

But if we look really deep into all this stuff, we will choose naam simran and gursikhi, astral projection is not hard, practice it for two three months we can attain it but its a different path, while nam simran is the true and real paath, topics like astral projections are in naam simran,

Keep going with naam simran, dnt scare of any negative entity(bhoots), the negatives entities(bhoots) are more in number than the total number of humans existed on this planet so far, even right now we are surrounded with other entities and dimensions, we are surrounded with thier voices that we cant listen or see, but they cannot touch us, they cannot enter to ur dimension from their dimension without wahegurus order.

So keep enjoing nam simran without any fear

Thank you ji for this knowledge and welcome to the forum Paji.

Agree, everthing is with Waheguru's Hukam.


?? Waheguru

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Dhanwad penji, pta ni si

Menu eh smaj jiha ni lgda vi kidda use krna, me comment opper ek // kitta si fer to copy thode comment cho vi mera comment ayi jnda

Hor vi topics te sangat de comment // // show hunde aa nd osde neeche kise hor da comment hunda, oh opper wala ekko comment kinni hi // show hoia hunda

Koi gal nai Paji. Manu v aukha lagda c jad peli vaar is forum te ayi c.

Comment hor user de dis rehe hai kise de box vich, kio ke oh una di post te comment karde.

Jis tara main is post vich twada post quote kita, fer pata lag janda twade post bareh likh rehi.

Kise de post vich, Bottom right corner vich quote option hai, othe click karna penda fer hor da post quote hojanda box vich.

Fer tusi usde thele apna jo v comment likna us bareh likh sakde a.

Multiquote ohdo use karde, jad kehian users de post quote karne te comment karna hove ik post de vich.

Quote use karde, jad ik user da karna hove quote.

This may help you from the Help section:


To add a post to the topic, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and start typing in the reply box.

To quote another post in your reply, you can either click the Quote button beneath a post, or use the multiquote feature. Multiquote is used when you want to quote more than one post in your reply. Select the Multiquote button underneath the posts you want to quote, and you will notice that the button will change color. At the bottom of the page, you will notice an informational box appear with the total number of posts you have added to multiquote. You can multiquote from different pages in a topic, or even different topics in the forum. When you are ready to post a reply with the posts you have quoted, simply click the "Quote Posts Add Reply" button.

Post Options

Next to the reply and multiquote buttons you may also see " Edit" and " Delete" buttons for your own posts. If so, you can use these buttons to edit or delete your posts. Note that these options may not be available after a certain amount of time.

Jis cheej nal help chaidi, is Help section vich hai ji:


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