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Video - Sikh In California Banned From Ridding The Bus For Refusing To Remove His Kirpan

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Dumb america, you can put a weapon/ gun in your bag pull it out and kill people, but if your kirpan is on show its dangerous or offensive :stupidme: glad i dont live there, if i did live there i would carry a gun too, sikhs need to protect themselves especially after resent events in america regarding sikhs. Good on this brother . :respect:

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The report mentions the tsa and flying, to which the Singh in the video states he complies with. I know importance of Kirpan /Sri Shaib but what would the ordinary American think? So when you fly you forsake your religious beliefs because there is no alternative , but when traveling another way you expect special treatment? Like on a plane Singhs do not wear the Kirpan. the driver said he could put it in the hold and get it back. Why is it ok to do it on a plane but not on the bus? Just should have done ardas like how ALL SIKHS do when flying!

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Good one Singh going to the media and looking like a HYPOCRITE!

'singh's flown before and complied' -so why the special mitigations for flying?

Veer the issue here is not if he has flown and removed sri sahib, sikhs comply with the law but sometimes it just too much ! , the issue here is how far do you let these people go with our beliefs, lets show some unity, he is a young man from a good family he is not some hooligan or ghetto yob drug dealer or something like that !

How many sikhs have attacked innocent people in america (or anywhere else for that matter) answer none, but how many thugs call them what you like have pulled guns and shot school kids etc ? so why is america not banning guns?

lets say some person had stepped on that bus with a revolver in his pocket, how would the driver know its ludicrous, if someone intends harm either they walk on the bus showing the driver the gun/ weapon at point blank, or they conceal it and then pull it out once on board, they dont have it on show and waltz on with the intent to harm (common sense).

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disgusting! But on a positive i loved my visit to East Coast Sangats. I believe if the American Sikhs replicate Canadians by sticking in 2 3 key areas to start with it creates a safer environment for Elderly kids n women especially since 9 11.

Once Sikh community becomes known for its ideals then slowly branch out and educate.

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