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For all the posts same answer I am saying I am not asking a Body for GURU because SHABAD is Guru but what I am saying is to have a leader who can give transfer updesh of Guru granth sahib ji like BABA Deep Singh JI. SO that we are united and no fights between Maan's, SGPC, Dhadhariawale Baba ji, Damdami Taksal and other jathebandis. WHere are the heroes gone with tap and naam simran. Are they hiding or what? where are they?

And about charity hospital, My Friend with major accident with injury in brain is in comma. No Gurudwara gave help you are saying about charity hospitals haha its a joke singh ji. There is no such thing I collected some money from people and relatives. I think normal people give money. But Prabhandak committees don't even give a penny. He is still in comma nad everyday expenditure for hospital is about RS15,000. Earlier it was Rs 30,000. Now he has recovered. They have sold their home. Charitable hospitals ! You can check there he is in Pasricha hospital, Patient name- Sangharsh. I think those who say INDIA is now rich haven't gone to UP, Jharkhand, MP, Arunachal Pardesh.

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If you are lacking sehaj in your life, this is not due to the Panj Pyare. Your lack of sehaj lies in the fact that you are not devoting enough attention to NAAM. The more Gurbani you read, listen to, the more sehaj will come about.

Don't blame your own shortcomings on Panj Pyare. If you feel that the Panj Pyare lacked Maryada, perhaps you could find another four Gursikhs of your caliber, and start doing the seva.

If you can't be bothered to do kaimee of NAAM, perhaps you could take Amrit on a daily basis, until you find the Panj Pyare that meet your criteria...

Singh sahib why do you get angry?

I am just seeking good leaders not SGPC. I am not saying someone was bad , rather I am saying I am bad. I know that.

But if you have heard the the sight of saints is amrit, they speak amrit bani. They have aura. If you have ever met a saint, you will know he is a saint. You will just know it because of his TEJ. There has been such in the previous century.

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Thanks for sympathy. Yes its real hard to find real saint.

But we have one saint which is eternal THE SHABAD GURU.

When you have that avasta you don't seek the limelight you seek Akal Purakh only ...those who don't push their own agenda but spend their time in bhagti and encourage others to do the same quietly are more likely to be what you are seeking in terms of candidates for panj sewa. You are forgetting Bani is the true Amrit, the Panj are just a respresentation of Guru Khalsa Panth and this takes place in Hazoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The sanchar is between Guru ji and you. While it is true your Panj's avasta is important because they give of themselves during the sanchar it is not the be-all and end-all you have to work too . You have only been enrolled into school now comes lessons and study... then your practicals Good Luck.

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I think all you need is 5 proper rehat following sikhs. This makes the five beloved ones. When I say full rehat I mean all rehatnamas, 52 hukams, followings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Sahib Ji, etc.

Bhull Chuuk Maaf


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