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Idea - Big Bold Steps To Live Spiritual Life - Tv, Loan, Gadgets


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My ideas..

1. NO TV - Cut cable, netflix etc off. Absolutely no over-use of TV. There maybe positive channels like discover/travel channels but overall tv has more negatives than positives. Not worth it. I am not suggesting to cut it off immediately. Start it from trimming your channel packages and slowly-slowly get rid of it.

2. NO LOAN - Take no loan. Exception can be made on house but other than that no loan on phones, cars, credit-cards etc. The reason is because your mind get caught in this vile maya circle and one tends to get too busy in earning/paying-off these loans. Precious time to remember waheguru gets over taken by tension of assets/liabilities etc

3. Gadgets - Phone is for phone. keep it that simple. Don't use it other than calling purposes. Sure one can use to take pictures but spending hours and hours looking at phone screen is another way that our mind wants to steal our spiritual time. Keep kids under 10 away from all gadgets. Keep your phone and tablets away from toilets. Certainly don't take your phone with you to bed. Don't let phone/tablet dictates you on how to live your life. You need to show all of them their right place.

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