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A sister needs help, hers her question:

I am a Sikh and I deeply enjoy doing seva. I feel incomplete without doing seva atleast once a week at the Gurdwara, ( I would do more but I can't drive). Sadly because I can't drive, I can't do any other form of community service besides seva and a couple of people suggested that I get a community service paper signed by the people at our Gurdwara. I don't want to get the paper signed because I feel guilty.( I need it for college ) .... my mom said that it was ok to get it signed because God knows that I did seva out of dedication, love, and faith. Yet, I feel super guilty. Should I get a paper signed stating I did community service..? I am extremely doubtful because I feel wierd and guilty. People who do Seva with me keep telling me how amazed that are with me capable of doing even for a long period of time. I have also made new friends in a way with older men and women who do Seva. I don't want them to think that I only did Seva to complete hours for community service. But then again I have limitations. My mom and I can't drive and my dad is busy at work all day so I have no ride to a medical Center or a place to do actual community service. ...And i think i could just tell them and they would understand, but i would still feel uncomfortable. What would you suggest Guru's gifted Sangat ji?

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Guru Sahib/God know why you did the seva and that is the most important - that you engaged in Nishkam Seva (seva without desire for a returned reward). If the seva you did meets the requirements of community service, have it signed and submitted. It is a formality that would satisfy your school requirements. It is not as if you did the seva knowing that the school would need this paper. Thank the Almighty that arrangements were made for you to be able to do this seva and, in turn, the Almighty arranged that this seve would alleviate further burden of having to make extra arrangements for doing community service. Imagine if you hadn't done seva - what would you do now?

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    • They're a virus that has been allowed to spread due to Sikh ignorance of their own religion and beliefs. If only people knew the contempt with which Dhadhri and his ancillaries are held by genuinely spiritual and decent Sikhs, those of the sangat who've been deceived but are ultimately decent people seeking spiritual guidance, would turn from these charlatans immediately. NKJ are digging themselves into a very deep hole from which they will not escape. 
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      @puzzled you also watch embracing sikhism like mee. thats great cos she has some great resources.I was thinking that i am gonna introduce this channel and their website to the sikhsangat folks.but yeah great channel.She has helped many converts like me(i was born into a hindu family).Mr. Jack u shud watch this channel and hv a look at their website they hv great great great resources for converts and even ppl who r already sikh .
    • I got more into Sikh dharam when i was encouraged to search for much deeper sikh dharam. It was under the guidance of pure gurmukh couple; former Hindu guy turned into khalsa and his wife, a former christian white turned into 24 hrs bana wearing sikh. Punjabi family born got into deep sikhi by non-sikh born couple. That proves that it is a very universal faith and speaks to everyone regardless of race, color/age/sex etc.  One advice, i can give you and i hope you can understand it at early stages: You will see whole lot of majority of "sikhs" who will not be following the core principles of what our gurus taught inside Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, so do not get discouraged by seeing that thing as they are not blessed. On one hand you will see the beauty and strong message of life and its purpose from Sri Guru Granth Sahib and on the other side you will see majority followers not actually getting that message quite frankly. So, do not get confused. It is due to lack of preaching of the actual message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee to masses. Socially, you will be greatly accepted and all Sikhs will feel proud of having you as sikh. Do not worry the actual first long stares by few old folks as that is part of indian culture lol.  Which state you are from? 
    • Ram Rahim was forgiven.  
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