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Food And Alcohol Question

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I watched a Katha on Rehat Maryda

And he said that we should eat anything that been touch with person using tabaco, and we should have a full bath after coming into contact with tabaco.

The problem is:

1) I go uni and being veg as well my food choices are limited, is it still ok if i eat outside. I can't really eat cold food because it gets stuck in my throat easily.

2) My dad drinks alcohol, he touches the roti thing after he drinks and he also washes my clothes (I study so I don't really have that much time), sometimes he has a glass out while he handles the clean clothes, also all the dishes are washed with same sponge.

If feeling really down now, if i think about it everything is touched by alcohol hands.

I don't what to do, im not amritdari but still one day hope i can be gifted amrit.

Now I just want to move out as soon as I get a job

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Over the top reactions. Eating food prepared by someone who drinks alcohol, will not make you get drunk not will it contaminate your food.

The only way you can gaurantee the above is to prepare the good yourself, even then the factories and packaging plants where the ingredients for your food come from are probably handled by persons that may drink + smoke.

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Perhaps focus on actual spirituality instead of focusing on this meaningless OCD like behavior? What if the farmer who planted the wheat your roti is made of was drunk when he planted the seeds? Better make sure you only use an amritdhari singhs wheat!

First the apple cidar vinegar thread, now this lol.

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I respect someone who wishes to distance themselves from alcohol. Kudos to your intelligent choice with alcohol. Great potential with your independent thinking.

However, there is something troubling about the post. I’m not sure which is worse, his alcohol hands or your entitled hands. You want clean hands, come with clean hands.

The following may help you but it is directed at all of us as a collective as we’re largely in the same boat. Other debates aside, being an adult and parents doing all of our laundry and cooking is a concern. Our culture permits young adults to carry on with school and therefore abdicate adult responsibilities. This results in boys (it’s usually males) being handed off from mom to marriage and ending up with two mothers during an extended adolescence. With the poor wife married to a boy.

Some types of familial division and sharing of labour might have worked when we were helping in the fields or with the family business. But uni is a privilege. Start doing your own laundry and start helping with the cooking. School grades make better boys and girls. Responsibility and accountability make successful men and women. If you move out you will die of hunger and kill others with stinky clothes.

Start with the above humility in action toward a hard working dad. Respect his love to understand his failure. Only after that, talk to your dad to come to a happy medium about what is acceptable for both of you with respect to the alcohol.

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