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A boy stood on a sidewalk waiting for a bus. A man walking by spotted the boy and gave him some gentle advice.

"Son," he said, "if you're waiting for the bus you need to move to the street corner. That's where the bus stops for passengers.""It's OK," said the boy. "I'll just wait right here and the bus will stop for me."

The man repeated his advice, but the boy never moved. Just then, the bus appeared. Amazingly, the bus pulled over to where the boy stood and he hopped in.

The man on the sidewalk stood speechless. The boy turned around in the doorway and said, "Mister, I knew the bus would stop here, because the bus driver is my dad!

"When you've got a relationship with the bus driver, you don't need a bus stop. If you've given your heart to the King of Kings, you're in a royal family of unspeakable proportions.

Today I would like to remind you that when you know the Driver of your life, you can take the bus of life anywhere. He will stop and pick you up where people think it is not possible.

Whether you are unemployed, broke, single or married, or childless or divorced, or widowed.

What matters is that you know Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can think or even imagine.However, the BIG question is : "Is the Driver your Father?"

"Are you still His child?

You can only get that privilege if He is your Father. Enjoy the ride with your Father.

*God knows the best, He does the best, He gives the best because He is the best.

May He make you achieve the best in everything you do in life now and forever.

Stay blessed, 

Sat Sree Akal.

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Anyone can love a virtue, but a good human being is he or she who loves even vicious people. Everyone Loves the melodious voice of cuckoo, but who cares for Kaw- Kaw of crow.



Many possible things were impossible before they were possible



One hour with Mother

is more, 
than Without her,

an age.



No happiness gives happiness, until you share it with someone.



No talented person remains a talented without a perseverance.



No man can become perfect until he knows his true nature.

And the person who knows his or her true nature cannot be an imperfect.

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On Respect: 

Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
Respect must be given before an expected return
Respect is something that’s given for free
Respect is about us and never about me
Respect is the basis on which relationships are founded
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded
Respect builds the character and defines who we are
Respect sets the standard and raises the bar
Respect is magnanimous and helps to fulfil
Respect is the partner that sits with good will
Respect is like honey so sweet it’s perceived
Respect a taste to savour for when it’s received 

by Don Wilson




If we can not respect another
How can we expect them to respect us
If we can not respect someone’s beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours
If we can not respect another’s race
How can we expect that race to respect us
If we can not respect others
How can we expect respect in return

Everyone expects respect
No matter who they are
The only way to gain it 
Is to start treating everyone
As a friend, a brother, a sister
As part of our extended family
No matter what colour or creed they are
Only then you will start to get
The respect you so dearly crave 

by David Harris.

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The need of moral charcter for being spiritually strong


If we wish to avoid falling under the influence of delusion

we must guard our mind

and prevent it from wandering in agyanta,

mainly due to mother ahankar.

We cannot practice moral discipline purely

if we have an unguarded mind.

If we can learn how to protect our mind from delusion

and yoke it to the practice of virtue,  or subh karam

and being selfless, with utmost humility

then our moral discipline

will grow in strength

and eventually be perfected.

If we neglect to guard our mind,

however, many faults will arise,

and we shall get farther away and away

from the Ultimate Truth



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Dying to the Shabad

Tulsee Das was a Saint. When he was young he was devoted to reaching God and he struggled slowly on this path. When he got married he was head over heels in love with his beautiful wife, she became the sole reason for his living, everything he did was to please her. One day he surprised her with a gift - she was overwhelmed by his love and said, 'If you were devoted to God half as much as you are to me, I'm sure you would have reached God by now.' The words struck Tulsee Das to the core and his earlier life of devotion came flooding back to his mind, from that day on God became his sole focus once again.

Many years later when Tulsee Das was old and wise and respected by all in the village as a saint, a Brahmin priest came to him. He said to Tulsee Das, 'All my life I've preached and read the scriptures, but I haven't met my Beloved Ram. Tell me what I should do?'. Tulsee Das said, 'It's very simple, all you have to do is climb that tall tree and jump off the branch with full faith that Ram will catch you.'

The Brahmin was inspired and climbed the tree, he sat on the branch and looked down at the hard ground below. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't make the leap. Many hours passed and the Village HeadMan (SarPanch) walked by with a bag of money. Noticing the Brahmin he enquired as to what he was doing. The Brahmin explained that Tulsee Das had said that by jumping off the tree Ram would catch him. The SarPanch who wasn't a religious man quickly said, 'O Brahmin, if you like you may have this bag of money, but give me Tulsee Das's blessing in exchange.'

The Brahmin didn't take too long to think about the offer and was soon off on his way with the bag of money. The SarPanch climbed the tree went across the branch and with full faith in Ram he jumped off. Ram caught him like a baby in its mother's arms.

Sounds too unbelievable to be true? But look for the deeper meaning, there's a very, very important spiritual point to this story. I am like the Brahmin, I do my nitnem prayers and preach to people. I do Waheguru Waheguru meditation and I follow the bits of the Guru's Shabad that I like and ignore the bits that are difficult to apply. I follow half of the Hukam, God's Order, and my life trickles away like this then I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji. When my brother comes to me with a great business opportunity my focus becomes how I can make lots and lots of money and in the background I rush my nitnem and Waheguru Waheguru meditation. My life trickles away like this and I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji.

But one day with Guru Ji's great kirpa, I hear the story of Tulsee Das. Now I realise I am like the Brahmin, I have lots of things to live for and I am scared of dying. Guru Nanak Ji says 'I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living.' (p20). Why is Guru Nanak Ji so brave? Because he has full faith that Waheguru ji is looking after him 'SIREE RAAG, FIRST MEHL: I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living. You are the Cherisher of all beings; You keep the account of our breaths and morsels of food. You abide within the Gurmukh. As it pleases You, You decide our allotment. || 1 ||' (p20).

So in my ardas, 'Guru Granth Sahib Jee you have given your blessing like Tulsee Das gave to the Brahmin. Give me full faith in your Gurbanee Words like the SarPanch had full faith in what Tulsee Das said. Baba Ji may I follow your words 100% and if it kills me then I have faith Waheguru ji You yourself will catch me.'

And dear Khalsa Ji, when you die while alive and are caught by Waheguru ji then you will be called Jeevan Mukhat. While still alive you have obtained liberation. By dying to the Shabad one finds the True Life held in the arms of Waheguru ji.

with thanks to the AKJ website

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Valuable  Knowledge  for every aspect of life - personal & professional 

1. Wise is the one who can treat happiness & sadness equally.  They both come & go in life. Be a witness to it. Don’t get swayed by happiness or drowned in sadness. 


2. We are either busy in self blame or blaming others. A Yogi is one who is stable in between these two states.


3. In a bus or train, people keep boarding & alighting.  You don’t welcome people, send off people! You continue your journey indifferent/ unaffected  by the people joining/ leaving. Like this , stay strong in all situations of life.

Don’t get affected by good or bad people. 


4 Think that you will die now! What use or value is all your wealth to you ?

Only the mere remembrance of our death, can remind us that everything material is of no value.

Then why worry about it? 


5  We get disturbed so much by words! If someone says something unkind / rude, it pierces through our heart.

Know that the world is a play of words!

If you are sincere & doing the right things, what fear do you have?  

Rise above & over this. 


6  To stitch a cloth, you need scissor & needle. One cuts & one threads. Same way some enemies of our life cut our happiness, some friends stitch it .

Both have a place in making our life. 


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    • We aren't the Jedi of Earth no matter how much some of you fantasists want us to be. There's hundreds of millions of Muslims in India, billions in Asia. They can help their co-religionists. If the afflicted asked for shelter and other assistance I wouldn't refuse, but I wouldn't go galavanting around like a delusional hero. There's won't be a throng of devte showering you with flower petals from heaven when you've done your little act of philanthropy and compassion. Wake up. Don't pass this useful id1ot mentality along to future generations. Look where it's got us so far.
    • not really surprising , remember it is an authoritarian regime so they can control the media, people and their response. Interestingly USA is totally messing this up 700 in voluntary self-quarantine in NY , SF also making statements about quarantining but someone in california with no travel history or contact with china has covid19 so it is outside the usual suspect group now . please do not panic make sure you are supplementing vit d , vit a , vit C , drink green tea daily (interferes with replication in body), protect lungs with liquorice tea/malati cha. eat fresh fruit and veg to boost antioxidant and mineral levels in body . Wash hands regularly and alcohol wipe door handles, toilet flushes , light switches in the home and office , DO NOT TOUCH eyes ears, nose mouth as these are entry points for the disease and stay away from crowded spaces and mass transport as much as possible . 82% experience this as a bad cold, 15 % as a severe flu and 3% if allowed to enter pneumonia stage die , but please remember if you prevent the pneumonia you will survive .  
    • well muslim bibian and bache whose father/husband have been murdered deserve some protection don't you think or does sikhi asool go out the window, what about the one that Guru Gobind SIngh ji taught us : the fallen on the battlefield become our brothers and deserve our help even if they are the enemy, when they pick up arms again we will resume battle . Our tradition is not to strike against those unarmed, fleeing the battlefield , elderly, women or children BUT if they do turn around and do something violent against us we can and should protect ourselves and our own.
    • https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/trump-ready-coronavirus-live-updates-200226235731205.html
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