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Why Globalization Is Bad For Economy And Environment

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Guest Jacfsing2

Globalization of the world is not recent, why did no one complain earlier?

Less people realized the problem of globalization, when WW2 ended everyone decided that a world government, (The U.N) would try to stop chaos from happening, latter it showed to be absolutely useless.

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Globalisation does not work for the poor working classes in the west only the poor of developing nations and the rich elite capitalist globalists.

This is why european royal families, Islamist arab sheikhs and bankster zionists via CIA funded the globalist project to entrap the world in their clutches so that only they remain top dog controlling the people and wealth of the earth.

If you want to get very rich or want to end brutal oppression of your people you need to suck on their balls and be in their club. You cant do it independently these days through your own hard work and manpower that was and is their master plan because they want to be involved in everyones affairs to benefit themselves either through trade or finance or social policies.

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