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Requesting ang

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waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji kee fateh

sangat ji I am looking for the ang where this tuk is on 

soye achinta jag achint

Can someone please help me out, thanks!

waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji kee fateh

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    • even muslims talk of ab hiyat - amrit , mukhti- salvation, satya- hakikat  .... this muppet conned himself into a faith that believes in throwing stones at pillars , touching meteors , doing prayer on particular days at particular places  are worth more ... sikhi is simple every day is equally blessed , every moment you remember Akal Purakh is superfortunate .. What happens if he starts doing Allah hu and feel his dasam dwar activate will he drop islam ? honestly not learning your own faith properly is the main reason people are convinced by silly arguments to leave sikhi
    • VJKK VJKF Bibi ji, I learnt from Bhai Manvir Singh ji's Katha a short but powerful teaching: There are 3 answers to an Ardaas, Yes - Put (son) you can have what you wanted Not yet - Son your not ready yet for example a little kid may want a laptop but he's not old enough to use it. Sometimes we're not able to see what's blocking us to progress And Finally No, I have something better - Guru Sahib really surprises us but we need to trust . This may mean that we don't get want we intended for but something better whether that be physical or even spiritual like the gift of Santokh.
    • try to steer clear of hate , anger, jealousy because they will hurt you more than anyone else involved , your forever partner awaits you , the shaheed singhs know what Guru ji knows so don't feel that way , they know you are cleanhearted  just carry on . Stay in Chardikala , no ever happens for zero reasons we just have to weather the storm . Satgur aeiyo sharan tuhari , mile sukh naam har sobha chinta lehe humari .
    • Thank u pen ji for your response, I actually remember following your posts and looking up to u when I was in my teens. I started reading brahm kavach for a bit but after a few weeks of reading it I got sent divorce papers - it kinda made me scared incase I was making a mistake or upsetting the shaheed singhs. Waheguru ji has blessed me with sukhmani sahib and I'm trying to incorporate naam abhiyas.  Pen ji, I try explaining to myself that maybe it wasn't meant to be etc but then my mind fires back and says waheguru ji blessed us during our anand karaj... you wouldn't take amrit and then later turn around and say maybe it wasn't meant to be for me and bhang it..... The crazy thing is my husband used to teach me our laavan are extremely holy just like an amrit sanchaar.  I've always imagined my marriage as a triangle waheguru ji at the top and us at the bottom corners, he is all powerful and can save us. Like I can't imagine anyone else because guru gobind Singh jis bachan of not to think about anyone but your spouse begins to haunt me. I remember during the first laav my husband kinda froze in between the parkarma, the other 3 were perfect. My mind begins saying to me that maybe that was symbolic of our first year in marriage being a struggle but we can get through it.  I sound crazy don't I 😥 I can't get myself to hate my hubby hence I've resulted to saying maybe there was something wrong me because if something is good nobody wants to get rid of it  Please give ur blessings in the roop of the sangat. May kalgidhar pita ji put his Singh on the right path and bless his daughter with enough wisdom so we have a happy ghrist jeevan please 
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