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Social Justice Warriors

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Yes. Don't get drawn into the West's toxic social and political narrative. Social justice is fundamentally an admirable cause, especially for Sikhs as our faith considers uplifting our fellow man to be a just and noble act.

Clearly, there's huge issues with politicising certain causes, and in these cases it can be argued there are those who've overstepped their limits. As I've said many times, the SJW movement is a symptom; who or what is the cause? They're deluded, angry, confused, but ultimately toothless. Don't ally yourself with their opponents out of some mistaken sense of shared ideology. You'll be manipulated into fighting battles that don't concern you. Don't let the zealots on both sides harden your heart and your spirit towards the social good.

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Guest Jacfsing2
21 hours ago, sikhingthetruth said:

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to know if any of you heard the phrase "Social Justice Warrior"?

It's a part of the Regressive Left that wants to fight for rights of minorities through the harassment of the majority. (By minority, I'm not referring to Sikhs, so don't get the wrong idea). This group will bully some innocent Gora kid,(most likely a male), cause in the SJWs short-a-ss-f*ck imbecile mind that innocent little Gora kid is some crazy racist. The SJWs for the left are like what the KKK is to the right.

Also as @MisterrSingh said, don't align yourself with their aggressive Anti-SJW friends, (Fundementalist Christians), both organizations have one goal, use the words of certain select people, (Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, [Indra and Mahamthma], Buddha,[who actually wasn't part of either side and was a rational thinker,]), ultimately both sides would be glad the day the followers of righteousness, (middle ground), would accept their impractical mind.

If you wish to fight for true justice, I only request that you won't be divisive towards any brothers or sisters, and focus on building real justice. Don't treat anyone like S*it, and focus on the issues, not the external. And don't bring those low-ranking excuses that both sides bring-up in the Kaam industry, for the SJWs it's females being sexual, while Fundementalist Christians it's men being sexual. 

*(Forgive for any cuss words I couldn't explain any other way).

13 hours ago, Kira said:

Social Justice Warrior is so mainstream, I'm a Social Justice Mage.


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