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Sikh History In Canada and more...

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I am currently trying to find out more about Sikh misls and Empires, I used the vast internet but I want something physically or something I can see in person in Canada, I read a great book about Sikh Misl in English, and it'd be appreciated if you can list some Books in English or any type of museums / schools or places teaching Sikh History other than the Internet, also is it true that they're demolishing Sikh forts to make them into marble gurudwaras in India?!?! 

Do you think Reenactments of the Sikh empire can be possible or like a Stage show to educate Sikhs, just like the War of 1812, Fort york in toronto? I heard of the Brampton Sikh Museum, never been there though.


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    • Update they have not banned them Hindu have strong lobby   
    • https://www.nationalheraldindia.com/india/australian-senator-flags-issue-of-violence-by-extremist-right-wing-hindu-nationalists   They desperately want to seethe us and tarnish our reputation, so they can play 'victim' and any chance to scream 'Sikh extremism'  This is why we need to be careful, DONT SCOOP to their level and instead play by law and order and get them BANNED ! If we confront or take matter our own hands (which they want) then we lost like they did 80s 90s...need to be smart.  
    • We're drawn to honest physical labour despite being devious and calculating in our own social groups, yet if we were truly intelligent we would bypass the blue collar grafting, and want to head the various trucking unions and dependent organisations in white collar environments. In our case, every successive generation of immigrants start at the bottom instead of building on the efforts and sacrifices of the previous generations. There's a mentality of, "I suffered when I first came here, so why shouldn't they?" This creates a culture and ethic that remains firmly rooted in the same social dynamic with every generation. An intelligent community uplifts its own by creating opportunities for advancement. We seem to relish seeing our own facing adversity and having to struggle. Fundamentally, that's why we'll never achieve anything of note.
    • Politics, cricket and Bollywood is a form of escapism in India 
    • I think it comes down to the fact that most Indians are simple minded and rural. Most of them have nothing interesting going on in their lives, many living miserable wretched lives.  That's why Politics, Bollywood and Cricket are so big in that country. These three things give them a purpose in their empty rural lives, like a fantasy world. When India wins a cricket match, every Indian, including slum dwellers feel that they've just won something. Its the same with politics. I've been India during the voting season, and they go crazy as if the results of the elections are a personal family dispute. Telling the simple minded Hindu who walks to the fields to take a dump, that BJP will change India, save it from Islam and make Pakistan a part of India by 2025 and that his vote matters, gives the Hindu a purpose! it makes him feel he is a part of something. Its the same with Bollywood, it gives them a purpose, takes them away from miserable India and into a fantasy world with seductive women, flying cars, superheroes saving the damsel in distress. When Aishwarya Rai put on weight after having a baby, she was supposed to attend the Cannes film festival in southern France and Indians were saying how she's ruing India's image with her big size, letting India down on the world stage etc   It just shows you how empty these peoples lives must be!  Surely India has bigger things to worry about than an overweight middle aged actress attending a film festival in France?  But no!  Bollywood gives these people a purpose in life that's why they take it so personally. Remember whenever the Indian cricket team used lose a match, Indians used start throwing bricks through their bungalows lol ? Indians used feel that they personally lost something in life, like a deep wound. Its because they have nothing going in their miserable lives!  Its the same with politics. Its gives them a purpose, something to look forward to, they feel like they are a part of the change. Telling a Hindu that India and Hinduism is under threat and that his support matters, gives the Hindu a purpose.  That's why the Indian government will always keep its population the way it is, they are really easy to control and that's just where the government wants them to be.   
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