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On 2017-6-12 at 3:54 PM, Ashtabhuja said:
There is a short booklet called Shastar vidya, by Baba Gian Singh (published by Budha Dal). I believe it was first published decades ago. Most of it is full of warrior philosophy and martial verses from the Dasam Granth. There are some dagger-fighting descriptions towards the end.

Post the scans up.

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2 hours ago, Ashtabhuja said:

Here you go, Destruction. Found the PDF on Gatka website:


Please kindly share your thoughts after reading it.



Whoever you are. Thank you! 

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4 hours ago, Ashtabhuja said:

No problem, Destruction. Glad to help.

Would you care to share your thoughts on the book? Comments on the combat section?

The book is not just baba gyan Singh, others like pyara singh contributed to it, I had a few pages currently. So far it is amazing.

tomorrow Nihang Nidar Singh is teaching in west London at a seminar pop down and ask him any questions on shastar vidiya, I am sure he would answer them.

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