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Teeyan da itihaas


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1 hour ago, ghatak said:

Wjkk wjkf ji

Sangat ji please help me with this one.

Some one is saying that this mankarat itihaas told by sant kartar singh bhindranwale in this video below


Please help so we can answer this guy.

Teeyan is tied Hindu mat as per wiki:



Punjabis consider teeyan as a seasonal festival. Although the teeyan gatherings are not as common in the villages in Punjab, the festival is observed on a low-key scale, especially in schools and colleges. Government sponsored teeyan festivals are observed at pre-selected sites.[10] Festivals are held in Surrey, and Brampton in Canada[2] and in other countries outside of India such as in Southall[11][12] and Smethwick[13] in the United Kingdom. Festivals are also organised in Melbourne Australia.[14]


In Rajasthan, Hindu women fast on the day of Teej as the festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. However, the festival in Punjab and Haryana is a cultural festival.[15]


The link to previous discussion is here:


My own experience in Pind as a teenager staying with my Nani ji was all the Bazurg were adamantly against, and the anjaan girls thought it was just a lark , my Cousins took me along and I found it creepy .

It is true that in the early nineties Kharkoos warned people not to do teeyan 

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8 minutes ago, parmjit10 said:

you write from pinde why you spell langar word like dungar? you only dumb poster spelled dungar for langar so you not a gursikh but a manmukh to insult pious word like this.

hahaha stupid hindu pretending to be a sikh: doesn't understand his supposed Maa Boli or English  Or SIkhi or Sikh Customs or anything really

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1 hour ago, parmjit10 said:

hahaha bimbo do'nt know to splell langar instead spell dungar crap poster full of s--- from a s s

what are you two years old most people don't need to spell out where they produce excrement  from ?

most Punjabis can understand what a dungar is  , if they looked it up they'd probably see a picture of you looking back

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24 minutes ago, ghettosikh said:

Seems like. Typical stupid Hindu cultural practice

yep , I did hear Sant Kartar Singh ji's words on the matter before and it was a shock how girrey hoe Hindu loki  sigge to do that to their daughters. Now the nasty pieces of work are laughing at us by trying to pass it off as a harmless thing , even having teeyan teams abroad , fitte muh

We honestly have to educate our people on history even Delhi sikh kids are cussing out people who remember and mistrust Modi and BJP involvment in Nov 84 , where our bibian were again made nangian in front of itihaasic gurdwarey like sis gangh

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