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Urgent: Want to Share Cruise travel from UK to US/Canada

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Am travelling from the UK to US/Canada by cruise liner (ship) to New York and then Amtrack (train) to Toronto, Canada Either November 19 or (more likely) December 15.

I have to pay for 2 people even if travelling alone so it makes sense to share.

If you want to travel with me please would you urgently message me.

Benefit is keeping kirpan and 5 star luxury travel for the same cost as a direct flight.

If you cannot afford to split the cost, you can travel with me for free and have a holiday. You can get off in the US or continue on to Canada or elsewhere.

I am a Sikh maintaining rehit, nitnem etc.

Please pm urgently.

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7 hours ago, weareallone said:

Be discreet and there is no problem for karad kirpan.

There must be someone who wants to travel to the US/Canada in Nov or Dec. Please get in touch urgently. They charge for 2 people minimum.

Ask parchaariks. Basics of sikhi guys or other camps they will be calling lecturers from uk so ask. On facebook find camp west coast, they have a camp in december so they will appreciate if u could bring their parchaariks from uk to usa. Also contact parchaariks like bhai sukha singh uk or bhai navreet singh uk or baljit singh BoS. They might be going for 'tours' and ur seva will be appreciated

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