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Saints With Supernatural Powers (Video)

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On 24/12/2017 at 5:16 PM, Kira said:

Basically the story was the demon (called Gayasura) did immense tapisya to the point that all of the Trinity came to grant him a boon. He said he wanted the power to liberate anyone he looked at, So they granted it. Didn't take long for them to realise things were getting bad on Earth, since people could do all sorts of immoral things and just go get darshan of the demon to wipe their slates clean. 

So Vishnu intervened and asked the demon to go into the earth, the demon agreed. Vishnu then placed a foot on the demon's head and submerged him into the Earth. 

There's a hindu mandir at the spot. 

I'm guessing liberation was sending people to some heaven. Though you have to admit that's a pretty neat superpower.

This is why demi God's shouldn't be able to grant gifts that are adverse to Truth. 

Gurbani says without virtue, there is no service

Yeh there are Demi God's, ghosts, demons, angels other beings etc. 

Why wouldnt there be when His Power is infinite and He can make anything happen n create whatever He wants

The more you accept other beings and His entire Creation, regardless of what it may be like,  the more your heart expands in Nirvair and Love for all of Him. 

No matter if it's an angel or the devil himself, it's all just God's Darshan so we bow to it in acceptance and move on. We don't fear anything or anyone because they're and it's all just Him 


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I only know know of Guru Granth Sahib Jio atey Dasam Granth Sahib.

I only ask for extinction because hum nahin changey bura nahin koey.

i am already living lowest level of narak life (amongst  non Vahiguroo fearing), despite many undeserving baksheesh from Guru Pita Maharaj; but I assume it is His test of my barosa after baksheesh?


ps you and you non existent friend should fear your karam for coming on Sikh forum to mischieviously mislead, and confuse gyan seeking Sikhs.  And I never slandered Gurbani, I simply quoted Asa Di // about you both being fools; whom, Sikhs should to ignore and banish from our attention and this forum!  And I retract my salutations with my back to you!

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