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Again attack on Kaurs in Kashmir


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2 hours ago, TejS said:

He is referring to a series of pictures posted on here of Sikh youth in Punjab taking photographs of themselves aiding Muslims pray during Eid, and in one of those photos, a Sikh male is holding a umbrella over a Muslim male praying.


oo Ok,  yeah i remember seeing those photos on here 

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1 hour ago, genie said:

Mean while very low IQ left wing fake Sikh idiots/clowns are holding anti-sikh iftari parties in Gurdwaray like good dhimmi's (subjudgated non-muslims).

Sikh leadership (akal takht jathedhar, sgpc, sant samaj, SAD Badal group, captain amrindar singh, damdamhi taksal,etc) are hiding like scared rats and mice and ostriches head in sand. Supposed Sikh charities like Khalsa Aid is busy helping non-sikhs Africans, syrian muslims, Bosnian muslims and royhingya muslims to survive and grow in number while Khalsa Aid chose to ignore the suffering of fellow Sikhs around the world being persecuted by muslims.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji stated the day the Khalsa does not behave like the Khalsa (as per the 52 commandments) he will withdraw his blessings and support from it.

Question is where is the Khalsa? It's embarrassing.....

Yeah i agree   it really pisses me off    a few years back the EDL had a march in Slough protesting against the plan for a Islamic learning centre. It was crazy,     Muslims bought along their posters and were protesting against the EDL, 100s of people in the highstreet, huge clash,  and guess what   a group of dumb sikhs decided to show up and support the Muslims holding posters up saying things like "sikhs against edl" it was only around 7 or 8 of them but they looked like idiots. Now I'm no supporter of ugly chavs like the EDL   but why did that handful of sikhs feel like they had to stand up for Muslims and show support!! Why did they get such a itchy bond? The protest had absolutely nothing to do with the sikh community of slough !!

It was actually very embarasing 

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