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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Given that purataan maryada for langar was to never use pattian/gobar as a fuel only wood and kindling from cotton etc , we excused natural gas as it was from 'clean' source i.e. drilled . How does Biogas produced from rotting food  fare in this maryada setting ? as SGPC have announced using biogas plants installed at ten gurdwarey .That actually mean rotting food will be delivered and handled at the plants for gas production for langar ON SITE of Gurdwara...is this not beadbhi of Guru ji's darbar with bad smells whilst trumpetting eco -scheme ?


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Actually, lots of ppl already deal.with this. Like.in our gurudwara, the 5 parshadey for gurusahib (that will be sent for bhog) are made on the tava and not put directly on the fire. 

But for sangat, the parshadey are put on the fire, directly on the natural gas fumes.

Also, fiver is pavitar. Anything passed thru it is considered pavitar in suchimta terms at least in sanatan/hindu view. And those sanatan ppl were wise. Also fire sterilizes. As long as the smell isnt too bad. I think its ok to use for biogas for langar. 

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