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Bandhi Shord Diwas or Bandhi Chhor Diwas?


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For years I've been seeing the event of Guru hargobind Ji releasing 52 hindu princes from jail, spelt as "bandhi chhor diwas".

However, correct me if i'm wrong,  isn't the word "chhor" in hindi/punjabi sounds like or means thief?

In my view it should be spelled as "shor/shord" meaning release.


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ਛੋੜ - Release

ਚੋਰ - thief

Generally people who speak these languages know what is says and how to pronounce it. Then again many of those who are not fluent and cannot pronounce might assume it says chor - thief.

Shor is probably the better spelling.

Transliterating Indic languages is often a mess.


Gurbar Akaal!

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