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Miss my wife


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Just now, Redoptics said:

I know

I understand how hard it is for you but you need to have faith. Vaheguru Ji is the only One that can help you thru this. By drinking you're only going to make things worse and you'll feel worse. The best thing to do is to listen to Bani

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7 minutes ago, Redoptics said:

Nobody understands

Thats not true, I went to a funeral too, like 2 weeks ago how do you think I felt? I understand everything and I feel terrible for you but you just gotta understand.

2 minutes ago, Redoptics said:

I just want my wife back 

I want my nani back but what can we do?? I thank Vaheguru for all the memories I had of her and the fact that I was able to do her antim darshan. I'm really thankful and it motivates me to not waste my life with petty matters.

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