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Baba bulleh shah on Guru Gobind Singh ji

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Read some interesting articles on Babas view on sikhs and the mughals 

Baba Bulleh shah said about guru ji

Nah Karoon Ab Kee,
Nah Karoon Baat Tab Kee.
Gar Na Hotey Guru Gobind Singh,
Sunat Hoti Sab Kee.

I talk about neither yesterday nor tomorrow;
I talk about today.
Had Gobind Singh not been there,
They would all be under Islamic sway.

Hence, mentioning that had the tenth Guru not been there, Auranzeb would’ve forced all to convert to Islam( implying Sunnat as circumcision).


"The Mughals quaff the cup of poison.
Those with coarse blankets are up.
The genteel watch it all in quiet,
They have a humble pie to sup.
The tide of the times is in spate.
The Punjab is in a fearsome state.
We have to share the hell of a fate"

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I guess baba bulleh shah said the above?  Anyone know more about it ... 

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3 hours ago, Pallav2015 said:

Some says it’s yogi alla yarr khan


Bulleh shah and even waris shah were critical of the Islamic invasions. Plus they were contemporary to the mughals. 

Interesting how southasian Muslims see the invaders as hero's when their own sufi saints and writers of the time were critical of them. 

Samrad kashni of delhi was another one who was executed by aurangzeb 

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