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Jathedar Ranjit Singh Balangan (1984 Nihang Singh)

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Came across this Nihang Singhs amazing journey and what he went through from his own jathedar but still kept true to his roots and bana. 

I’m not attacking Baba Santa Singh, I follow budha dal rehat and there are virtues to Baba Santa Singh, such as doing the amazing seva of printing steeks and saroops of Sri Sarbloh Granth ji, which would have probably been lost about now. However I have spent time with all sampardayes and jathebandis which is why I can look at the role of Nihang Singh in 84 with a liberal view. 

Read about this amazing Singh who was in Budha Dal and decided to talk to Baba Santa Singh how he was wrong in some decisions, a VERY  brave thing to do, as almost all singhs in the dal would say satbachan to everything baba ji would say, and would get angry if someone opposed. 

Dhan Shaheed Akali Nihang Mahakal Farladhari  tyaar bar tyaar Fauj Jathedar Baba Ranjit Singh Balangan. 


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As far as I am aware, Santa Singh only printed the steeks. Someone else actually did the steek and Santa just printed under his name.

I still have to verify this.

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