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The Corona Virus, Vaccines & 5G

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videos that expose the establishment and system and expose the media like bbc  etc are absolute nowhere to be found on youtube they dnt even come up when you search them. the search just results in mainstream media bs like bbc     

youtube used to be full of these videos and they were really easy to find   now they are all impossible to search for 

there even used to be a video after michael jackson died his sister la toya jackson saying that he was killed and that "they" killed him and that "they" were controlling him   

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19 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

anything tagged with 5g is being pulled

it really is!  you cant find anything honest on youtube because they are deleting everything    i used to favorite/like interesting videos that expose the system/governments etc  on youtube  and most of them have been deleted or are private     

things are really becoming something else now 

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