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Is coronavirus covid19 the white west's last ditch bio weapon attempt to reset china's rise?


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If you look at the geo-political and financial motives and who stands to win out of this it clearly points towards the west gaining the most out of this global pandemic situation

  • The are desperate to halt the rise of economic and military rise of super power china
  • The virus seems to be targeting black and ethnic non-white minorities mostly and more severely. So its a sort of racial bio weapon already just from casual observation
  • The only way to stop globalism and rise of china as stop dog is to do something very drastic like for example implant this virus in wuhan knowing theirs a chinese virus military lab there already and pin the blame on them.
  • America government is in huge debt to the chinese due to the trade deficit and bail outs during the banking crisis in 2007.
  • The US has several lab and military bases that are researching bio weapons such as weaponizing corona-viruses. The very first cases corona happened to be in USA and china, strange that.
  • By blaming china they force the global change course because everyone will resent the chinese and want to trade with other countries instead

I am no fan of the chinese government particular because its a totalitarian authoritarian government but from what I can see i dont see any benefit for the chinese to have done this if it turns out it was a bio weapon. It would be like them running away backwards from the winning line when they just about to win the 100m race for global financial dominance.


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China's GDP is 13tn...(with 1.4bn people). The USA has about 21tn GDP with 25% of China's population) add in the 500m of Europe with a similar 21tn odd GDP. China currently therefore has a quarter of the GDP of the white west with more people. If you look at the military power of the USA alone Vs China ... The USA beats the top 10 powers combined pretty much . If China has a recession with only 13tn how will it keep 1.4bn happy / not causing trouble ? The USA has survived numerous recessions over the past 150yrs and still been the dominant power. What they say about China now..they said about Japan in the 1980s. For China to equal the USA's financial power they would need a GDP of $80tn to equal the per capita stats of the USA 

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